Top 10 Worst Habits Will Reduce Your Lifetime


Facing computer for a long time? You sleep very late? And you don’t have the regular diet meals?
These behaviors may be existed among many people. But the experts now point out these behaviors that may reduce your lifetime if you do nothing to change them. So from now on, try to improve your daily habits to get more healthier. Here, we list 10 worst habits that can reduce your life. See how many habits of them you have.

10. Sitting in front of a computer for long time

The sedentary in front of computer is very harmful. And I think that many people have done this during weekend or even working time. According to media reports, researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia found that a harm of sedentary for one hour is approximately equal to smoking two cigarettes, which means the Lost Life is 22 minutes.

Sedentary before the computer belong to the static action, which make blood viscosity increased and the lower limbs may form deep vein thrombosis. Blood clots will drop off during exercise which may cause pulmonary embolism, or even lead to sudden death.

In addition, long-term to maintain a posture of sitting in front of a computer makes the cervical tense, compression of nerve and blood vessels, leading to dry eyes red and swollen, but also to cause imbalance between the cervical spine and finally get cervical disease.

9. Sleep after 23:00

TCM believes that 23:00 is the ultimate sleeping time at night. Sleep is the body’s self-adjustment time, after nightfall, people need sleep to get raised. If you miss the right time to sleep, your body will feel fatigue and if this situation keeps for long time, then you will get illness easily.

8. Cannot guarantee sleep time

British Psychological experts believe that sleep is another factor has direct impact in addtion to healthy eating and physical activity to health and longevity of human. If lack of sleep within consecutive days. Your brain thinking and judgment will be first affected, and then induce various diseases.

University of Hong Kong study found that long-term lack of sleep can reduce blood flow to the stomach. Decrease the ability of the stomach’s self protection, greatly increase the risk of stomach ulcers opportunities and will stimulate the growth of stomach cancer gene.

A study by US researchers also proved: those who sleep less than six hours a day have 4 times of the risk of colds higher than 7 hours of sleep’s persons.

7. The extreme lack of physical exercise

An article from medical journal “The Lancet” magazine said that every 10 premature deaths, there is 1 person died of lack of exercise. China’s coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, cancer and type 2 diabetes are the five major chronic diseases, and 12% -19% prevalence factors are due to lack of exercise!

WHO published in 2013, too lazy to exercise has become the world’s fourth-largest risk factor for death. It is estimated that the global number of deaths have reached up to 3.2 million per year, and increased year by year.

6. Have the sick but do not seek treatment

In 2014, the survey of Hong Kong Institute of Men’s Health showed that more than 70 percent of middle-aged men suffering from one or more diseases, mainly related to the reproductive system, gastrointestinal system and the “three high” disease. But nearly 80% of symptoms were not receive immediately medical treatment, and wait until the “can not stand” before going to a doctor, 18% are diagnosed to need immediate surgery, a small number of people are close to the late course of the disease or have serious condition

5.Eat salty or too spicy

University of London has a study found that one grams more than one person should intake per (normal adult should take no more than 6 grams of salt per day) will increase the risk of obesity by 25%. Eat salty will easily lead to high blood pressure, and high blood pressure is culprit of a lot of cardiovascular disease.

As for those who love spicy food, proper pepper should be no problem, but if too hot, it will be bad for your health! Eating too spicy will stimulate the gallbladder, especially for chronic cholecystitis and people with cholelithiasis.

4. Do not eat and sleep on time

If you feel hungry, it means your body is already in a status of hunger. If you feel sleepy, that means your body already feels tired. Both conditions are not good for your health. You should keep good habits to eat and sleep on time.

3. Lack of communication with family

When the work goes wrong, relationships are not very good and there is not a better way to vent, you will be more emotionally dependent on your loved ones. Relatives are eager to understand, requires unaccompanied, otherwise you will feel flustered. If your family does not understand, or you rarely talk with your family, you will be helpless, powerless, incompetent feel surrounded, and thus you feel often insomnia, palpitation, stress, struggle, and suffering in pain.
If a person hold all these pressure in their mind, do you think they will be healthy?

2. Long time with cell phone

A medical report from Sweden stated that phone radiation can be dangerous to the user’s brain, including the emergence of Alzheimer’s psychosis. A study in China showed that two hours of continuous phone calls can cause damage of lens of the eye. Also a long time close to face with telephone will also lead to dermatitis.

I suggest that you try to control the longest talk time in half hour. If you really want to answer the phone, it is better to use headphone cable.

1. Irregular eating three meals a day

Irregular eating three meals a day is most harmful for your stomach! Either eating too much, or missing a meal will disrupt the gastrointestinal function. When you are not eating breakfast, or feel hunger, or lack of gastric acid can cause acute and chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer disease. In addition overeating can cause acute gastric dilatation, and severe gastrointestinal damage.

Not only that, there are many side effects of irregular meals. An American study also found that bone density of the men who has eating disorders is much lower than the bone density of
regular diet human.

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