Top 10 Ways to Remove Stretch Marks Fast


Stretch mark is a skin condition that results from the tearing of the layer of epidermis. It usually comes off as dried skin but soon changes it color and texture to reveal a rough hue that stays for a really long time. This is a common problem mostly during and after pregnancy. As the skin dries out a part of the skin layers tears apart leaving undesirable scars behind. These are not easy to get rid of and are also difficult to prevent. This is also common among the adults due to constant stretching of the skin, hormonal imbalances and even puberty. Therefore it can happen to anyone at any point of time. Thankfully there are a few effective and fast of removing stretch marks that will help at all times.


10.Applying Essential Oils

Applying oils to smoothen out the skin and keep it from going dry, is an old method and effective to remove stretch marks fast. The essential oils extracted from rose, olive, almonds, lavender and chamomile is an excellent mixture to be used to remove these marks. The oil massage helps in increasing blood circulation and in turn increases the skin stimulation, thus reducing the further growth of stretch marks and making the ski healthy. Thus the regular application of oils and massage is one of the best and fastest ways to get remove stretch marks.


Exfoliation with the help of a loofah is very helpful to get rid of stretch marks quickly and effectively. It removes the dead skin cells and the dirt that gets accumulated in and around the stretch marks and makes it even denser. With this removal, the blood circulation of that particular area increases that helps in reducing the marks. Exfoliation with sugar is what helps the most.

8.Application of Aloe Vera Gel

When the skin losses its elasticity that is when the probability of stretch marks occurring becomes the most high. Aloe Vera is a natural conditioner and moisturizer and this is what helps in curing the stretch marks. Its healing and soothing properties are great and make it a very desirable natural product. It has anti-inflammatory benefits that help with the pain that the stretching causes. It heals faster and safer. Its rich source of vitamin and nutrients help sin reviving the damaged skin and help with the healing process.

7.The Use of Lemon Juice

Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C that helps with dries, crackled and chapped skin. It is a natural acid and its bleaching properties help in naturally lightening the marks and the redness that comes with it. A regular application of lemon juice along with a mixture of cucumber juice as well can help in reducing these marks to a considerable extent. It is fast and effective and involves no use of chemical products that can cause allergies and side effects. It needs to be applied in a circular motion to derive the maximum results out of it. Remove stretch marks the easy way this method.

6.Potato Juice

This is another excellent way of getting rid of stretch marks naturally and fast. It is one of the cheapest home remedies that can be used by anybody and is available to all. The essential fatty acids and polyphenols along with the mineral, calcium, potassium and vitamins present it, are excellent elements to remove any kinds of mark at all. It stimulates the collagen and makes the skin more elastic which in turn prevents the further spreading of stretch marks and also helps to make it fade away. It lightens the redness and the marks and in turn removes it altogether.

5.Cocoa Butter

This is a rich and decadent ingredient that is now easily available to all. It is an excellent conditioner as well as a moisturizer that help sin hydrating the skin and giving it the natural balance that it needs. One of the reasons of stretch marks is when your skin loses the elasticity and it dries out. This is where the use of cocoa butter comes in and helps in rejuvenating the skin and removing the marks and the dryness that comes along with it. The fatty acids and anti-oxidants help the faster healing of the problem area.

4.Olive Oil Benefits

The amazing properties of olive oil are not unknown. It contains nutrients and anti-oxidants that nourishes and conditions the skin. The regular application of olive oil in and around the stretch marks is what helps to remove stretch marks and healing the problem area. It reduces the redness and the dryness that the stretch marks creates. The massage of warm extra virgin olive oil at night and in the morning gives the best results. It can also be mixed with water and vinegar to be applies as a night lotion. An amazing conditioner, olive oil helps in getting rid of stretch marks effectively and fast.

3.The Use of Egg Whites

Egg is an excellent source of pure protein and a natural conditioner as well. According to various clinical studies, it is excellent in getting rid of stretch marks. The tearing of the epidermis is cured and also the skin regains it lost elasticity that invariably helps in stretch marks removal. Being a natural conditioner, it helps in moisturizing the skin and keeping it hydrated so that it does not dry out and there is a future possibility of stretch marks again. It is rich in vitamin A and collagen hat restores the skin back to its natural texture.

2.Using Tea Tree Oil

Apart from using the previously mentioned essential oils and olive oil, tree oil is another amazing way to get rid of existing stretch marks and even future stretch marks from coming back. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits reduces and cures the germs and bacteria that have accumulated in the stretch marks and helps to prevent any kind of infection in that area. It is even anti-inflammatory that helps to reduce the pain and the burn that the stretch mark causes.

1.Regular Exercising

One of the most essential and effective ways of stretch marks removal and to get rid of them permanently and reduce the probability of future outbreaks is through proper exercising and drinking sufficient amount of water throughout the day. From sit-ups and crunches to swimming and regular swift walks, all kind of ways and methods to keep the body fit, reduces stretch marks. Therefore it is not only the application of a number of products and the ways to it, but also keeping the body fit and healthy diminishes stretch marks possibilities.

It does not matter when the stretch marks comes or where it appears, it can be effectively removed and dealt with. The uses of all these products and with their application get rid of stretch marks safely and fast.

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