Top 10 Warnings Signs of Cervical Cancer You Should Not Ignore

Cancer is one of those diseases that come without a warning and when they do, it is dangerous and fatal. It has been killing for many years now, but with increasing breakthrough in medical science and technology, this disease has been able to claim less lives. However each year hundreds of thousands of people die due to this disease. Women on one hand have been prone to many types of cancer with breast cancer and cervical cancer being the two major life claimers. But with awareness and knowledge and proper information about this disease it is now possible to either prevent it or eliminate it, by going through medical procedures that includes the removal of certain organs that are more prone to cancer. Cervical cancer is a serious issue that needs to be informed about. A woman throughout her life, goes through many physical changes and which of these changes might be a sign of an arriving cervical cancer is imperative to understand.

10.Vaginal Bleeding (abnormal)

Bleeding during menstruation is common but not otherwise. When this kind of unusual bleeding happens it is necessary to contact a physician immediately. Most women ignore this sign taking it as a common discharge and some might even confuse it with the menstrual cycle. This is where the problem lies. The underestimation of the entire situation. Irregular bleeding in between the period cycle is one of the most common indicators of a cervical cancer. Heavy bleeding after intercourse may also be an indicator. It is mostly important for women after menopause to keep a vigil check on this issue. However the root-cause may sometimes be benign, but nonetheless a precaution is never bad.

9.Pain during Urination

Painful urination is a problem that persists in many women. While some may indicate nothing at all, others may not be so pleasant. The discomfort may be in the form of a burning or a stinging sensation on the vaginal walls while urinating. When this happens immediate consultation with the doctor is necessary because it may be indicative of the cancer that has already reached the nearby tissues. Apart from such sensation a simple pain during urination can also be a warning. Nonetheless this may even indicate a common urinary tract infection. But if the problem persists that a malevolent indication is more of a possibility.

8.Unusual Vaginal Discharge

This is commonly perceived as a bacterial problem but vaginal discharge is not to be taken lightly. Discharge in small amounts is quite natural before and after the menstrual cycle. But if the discharge continues well into the remaining days and changes it texture, color and gives off a pungent odor, then it is time to get it checked immediately. The discharge will contain mucus in high content that gives of the odor and the change of color.

7.Strong Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is a common problem that persists during the menstruation period. Some experience very strong cramps and aches and if this problem continues even after the period cycle gets over, then it is a problem that needs to be looked into. Sometimes women who do not suffer any pain at all might suddenly develop cramps during the cycle and this should be treated as an abnormality. An otherwise normal pelvic pain may even be indicative of a cervical cancer if is coupled with the other mentioned and following symptoms as well. Therefore a consultation with the doctor or your gynecologist is something that is recommended, if thing go beyond the common boundaries.

6.Painful Intercourse

This is a common issue mostly overlooked by a majority of women. If the pain is unable to be bared then it is indicative of the fact that the cancer has spread to the tissues and the reproductive organs as well. This is usually a warning when the cancer has already reached its advance stage. However this may also be a sign of a bacterial infection or STD.

5.Irregular Urination

The inability to control the urge to urinate is common among people who have diabetes and also for people who have crossed the age fifty. However if this is an issue among young females then it is a problem that needs to be checked. It indicates that the bladder has spread to areas that require immediate attention. The urge to urinate more than necessary is a serious issue. Another issue with this is the inclusion of blood in it. With this problem comes the issue of cervical cancer and its problems. Therefore an immediate check with the doctor or a consultation is absolutely necessary.

4.Back Pain

This kind of pain is usually coupled with extreme pain in the pelvic region as well. This pain in extreme conditions can even shoot down to the legs. It causes swelling known as edema that indicates the fact that the cancerous cells have spread and require immediate attention. The pain is constant and increases in intensity over time and spread to various areas. Therefore this kind of pain requires the consultation of the doctor. It will definitely not be the type of pain that comes and goes along.


A sudden loss of weight, fatigue and a constant feeling of nausea are symptoms of a growing cervical cancer. This kind of disease may reduce the number of red blood cells that increases the feeling of weakness in the body. There can be many other reasons for a sudden weight loss but cervical cancer happens to be one of the most common indicative factors. Therefore a loss of energy and weight can be a reason for this disease.

2.Irregular Menstrual Cycles

This is a very common problem amongst a lot of women and mostly ignored by the majority of them. Missing out on the periodical cycle or having too much flow or menstruating more than once within a span of twenty eight months is a serious problem. This indicates the fast spread of cancer. Now this might also happen due to hormonal changes and cists in the uterus. Nonetheless all this issues are equally important to be looked at but when it comes to the spreading of cancer, an immediate consultation with the doctor, at the first sight of the abnormality is a wise decision.

1.No symptoms

This is one of the scariest issues of diseases like these. At most levels of this disease, sometimes there are no symptoms at all and this is particularly dangerous because you almost do not have an idea about what is coming for you. Sometimes the symptoms are so vague and small that it is not even considered an indicator.

This makes it imperative to have regular check-ups for all women at a constant cycle. One thing for sure that awareness of the disease is the most important precaution that you can afford for.

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