Top 10 Tips For Beating Portion Distortion

portion distortion

One common wish that we all seem to have is to be able to eat unrestricted while being able to fit into that 28-inch pair of jeans! However life is not a wish granting factory and so we all have to go through rigorous diets in order to maintain a healthy body. One common enemy that we all face is portion distortion or in less sophisticated language overeating. Festivals or no festivals good food is something we are always ready for. In recent times restaurants and fast-food joints have surpassed all portion limits so much so that a single plate serving is practically enough to feed 2-3 people. Following are the guidelines to beat portion distortion:-

1. Eat the right amount.

The most important thing that we need to know is that portion control is not about depriving oneself of food; it is about eating the required amount. It is important to know about the appropriate portion of food despite the plate size. No matter how big or small your plate is, you should only eat the amount that is correct for you. It is advised to load your plate half with vegetables preferably leafy ones whereas the other half should be divided into equal portions of protein and starch.

2. Read serving size informations carefully!

Have you ever paid attention to the serving details that are scribbled at the back of every cereal or cookie boxes that you adore and love so much? If you do, then you will be horrified to discover how much overeating you have been doing. You will be more than shocked to read that a bar or a muffin that has been packed for a single person is actually fit for multiple servings. So it is more than important to go through these writings carefully before you start eating them.

3. Go slow on your food!

Practice slow eating. Don’t gobble down your food. Instead take time to appreciate and enjoy the texture and flavor of the food you are in taking. This plays an important role in beating portion distortion .your main aim is to not finish your food but to enjoy it to the fullest .As a result you consume less calories.

4. Vice foods are also virtuous!

Follow a mix diet. Your portion plate should not only consist of virtuous foods like salads and cereals, it should also include high calorie vice foods like the occasional cup cakes and French fries. It is absolutely impossible and pure evil to expect someone to completely give up junk foods.

5. Go Veggies!

Vegetables are something that we have always detested and we will always do so. However if we want to put a stop to portion distortions we need to ally with our enemies and load our plates with lots of veggies. One cool and easy way is to find out the veggies we prefer and always try and sneak them into all our dishes. Just add a few vegetables and our non-veg dish is good to go. Veggies balance out all the vice foods present in your dish and you will be left feeling satisfied and wise.

6. Good smelling foods are always welcome!

You should delight yourself to good smelling foods as much as possible. People often tend to have a wrong notion that good smelling food will increase your appetite. Instead recent researches have proved through various experiments that people take smaller bites when the aroma of the food is good and strong. Thus they eat in low concentration and overeating is avoided.

7. Stop binge eating! Pack leftover food!

Should you visit a restaurant that serves large portions of food under the garb of a single serve meal, be sure to ask for a take away container right away! Load your plate with the right amount of food and transfer the rest of the food into your take away container. This will serve as your next meal .It will let you avoid binge eating and will also prevent the food from wastage.

8. Drink loads of water.

There is another very simple solution that will help you beat portion distortion. In fact it is the easiest of all methods. Through simple researches it has been found that the body can’t tell the difference when it comes to thirst and hunger. So a wise thing to do is to gulp down as much water as possible before you sit to eat. This will fill your stomach and lower your appetite. Hydration will not only boost up your system it will also prevent you from overeating.

9. Always eat breakfast.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. You should always start your day with a heavy, well-proportioned, highly nutritious breakfast. This will prevent you from getting hungry prior to your lunch time. You will not have the rash urge to treat yourself with a muffin or fries that you will regret later.

10. Prevent eat outs.

Try and avoid eating out. Restaurant foods may taste better but they are also equally harmful. Outside foods are always loaded with spices and high calories. To top it all they don’t even have enough vegetables. Eating home cooked food is the best. No one knows your stomach better than you do. It will give you the license to monitor and control every aspect of the food you are eating.

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