Top 10 Super Foods Can Reduce Belly Fat


No one wants to be overweight and look like a sack of rice. Some find it embarrassing and some find it intimidating, while mostly the majority feels ashamed. The emphasis on the physical appearance is so much that a lot of people often resort to extreme measures to just reduce that extra kilo from the tummy. Unscientific methods and crash dieting have become very common in spite of their harmful effects of the body. Nevertheless they are practiced at large with the aim to achieve the desired body type. Apart from extreme exercising and almost spending the day on a single apple, there are a number of healthy and definitely effective ways to reduce that belly fat and get in shape. The majority believed that everything that is consumed contributes to fat deposition in the body and this is definitely not true. There are many such ‘super foods’ that actually burns the belly fat. But yes, you also do have to run the treadmill. Below are listed the top ten foods that help in reducing belly fat and getting in shape.

10.The Beauty of Almonds

This is one food that is truly exceptional. It is actually a seed and contains oils that instead of adding to the fat, reduces it. An excellent source of fiber and magnesium, this tiny nut is wholesome and a good snacker. It contains calories but they do not add up to the fat content of your body. The healthy oils that are present are not only good to shed thee extra kilo but fantastic in keeping the skin moisturized and healthy. To boost up its powers it actually prevents heart diseases. Rich in protein and vitamin e this food helps you curb your extreme hunger and keeps you full for a long time and thus reducing the sugar craving of the body. All in all a super food that keeps you healthy, glowing and in shape as well.

9.The Summery Watermelon

Even fruit haters cannot possibly deny the bright red amazing color that the fruit creates. Full of vitamin C and with more than eighty percent of water, this fruit is one of the most popular among kids as well as adults. According to a recent research, watermelon if eaten at the beginning of a meal provides you with the necessary calorie that is going to fill up for a relatively long period of time. Moreover with its high water content it actually washes away the extra sodium that is deposited in the body and maintains the necessary fluid level. Regular intake of watermelon juice has been associated with reduced chances of heart diseases and reduction of belly fat.

8.An Apple a Day

A lot of famous quotes are associated with this fruit and is rightly honored. High amount of vitamin, anti-oxidants, fiber, minerals, vitamin C and a lot more is what makes this fruit magical. Nowadays almost available round the year, this fruit has a number of varieties and all of them contribute to reducing extra fat deposited in the body and with end number of body problems that arise today. Along with reducing the extra baggage, and cleans the body with anti-oxidants that are present in it. A fruit to be reckoned with, it is one of the most effective and purposeful food that you will come across when thinking of getting in shape.

7.The Dark Chocolate Mystery

Few are aware of the fact the chocolate is in fact a rich source of anti-oxidants. Not the milk chocolate but the rich, almost bitter and decadent dark chocolate. It boosts up the good cholesterol and helps fight the ones that lead to excessive sugar content in the body resulting in diabetes. Moreover it helps in naturally calming down the nerves, the blood vessels, in turn lowering the blood pressure and keeping the body balance maintained. A rich source of many minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and many more making it good for women over the age the thirty five. The rich iron and calcium content is good for the bones and the blood. Therefore it will not only satisfy your chocolate cravings but also reduce the extra kilo you want to get rid of.

6.A Fishy Affair

Seafood displays a delicate platter of amazing food that is not only a treat for the taste buds but also good for the bad fat in the body. A regular diet of monounsaturated fat that is present in a slot of seafood can help in reducing belly fat to a considerable extent. A rich source of omega 3 protein and fat, seafood is a must inclusion in a meal to have a healthy and fit body. Enjoy the exotic seafood platter and get slimmer.

5.The Tart and the Cherry

A rich source of vitamins and anti-oxidants, tart cherries are a wonderful addition to everyday meals. They are bright and colorful and can be made available to children and adults in the form of various pastries and desserts. A study in Michigan found that these berries are extremely effective in reducing the dangers of heart disease and diabetes. Belly fat is another super addition to the usefulness of this fruit. Cholesterol is a disease that slowly cripples the body and drains it of all the necessary immunity. This is what the tart berries can fight against. Therefore an overall effective source of reducing fat and keeping healthy.

4.Avocado and Guacamole

One extraordinary fruit that makes amazingly healthy salads is the humble avocado. The guacamole is a unique salad that is made from the pulp of the avocado fruit along with tomatoes, onions and other condiments. Therefore a bowl full of health and deliciousness. Rich with fiber, potassium and vitamin, it helps in bringing down cholesterol levels and macular degeneration. Filled with mono-saturated and ploy-saturated fat, it helps in reducing the extra fat and generates good cholesterol in the body. Along with all this, it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and even anti-ageing properties.

3.The Cool Cucumber

With more than ninety percent of water content, this is one vegetable that is refreshing and helps tremendously in losing weight. It is one of those rare foods that are recommended to be consumed by all doctors, irrespective of the disease. Packed with vitamins, fibers, minerals and with minimal calorie content, cucumber is one of the most effective natural weight losing elements. Cleans the body of all harmful toxins and filled with vitamin B and C.

2.The Cherry Tomatoes

Contains less than thirty calories, this vegetable is a rich source of iron, potassium, vitamin A and C. According to studies, it helps in reducing the probability of chronic heart diseases, as well as obesity, cholesterol, wrinkles and even cancer. The compound 9-oxo-ODA helps in reducing lipids in the blood which in turn reduces the extra belly fat. Rich in water content, another vegetable that helps in overall cleansing of the body.

1.The Healthy Oats

Rich in fiber and low in calorie content, this meal is an amazing alternative breakfast food. It reduces the high cholesterol levels in the body and is effective in reducing blood pressure in patients. This high fiber increases the metabolism rate and helps in digestion that in turn burns down the extra fat and reduces the tummy flabbiness. One of the best uses of oats is that it provides energy to the body gradually and thus reducing frequent bursts of extreme hunger and controls the sugar level in the body.

Thus when it comes to rich, high protein diets filled with healthy oils and antioxidants, these are the super foods that you should consume in order to reduce the extra kilo and also retain a healthy body structure.

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