Top 10 Smallest Countries In The World

Do you ever know what are the smallest counties in our planet? Or do you ever image how large they are? Actually, they are so small that you won’t believe it. Let us explore this list to see top 10 smallest countries in the world.



Sealand, founded in 1975, all its territory is  concrete artillery units established on the sea which is build by British troops during World War II. But they have passport, currency, and stamps. Obviously Sealand is the smallest country in the world.

2.Vatican City


Vatican City is located in Rome, covering 110 acres, having 800 people, was established in 1929. It is a city-state ruled by the Bishop of Rome. Its territory includes St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and gardens which covering 23 acres land and other medieval buildings and museums.



Monaco covers an area of 75 square miles, is the world’s second smallest country, and is also the world’s second smallest monarchy. Morocco is located in southwestern Europe, surrounded by France and the Mediterranean. The population is about 30,000. It is one of the world’s most populous countries. The country’s main industry is tourism. Every year someone will come to this small country to play gambling and enjoy comfortable weather.



Nauru , located in Micronesia of South Pacific Ocean, is an  8.1 square mile’s island. The Republic of Nauru is the world’s smallest island nation and gained independence in 1968 with a population of about 9000.



Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean is an island covering 10 square miles. Tuvalu was discovered in 1568, since then it has been under British rule. In 1978, it gained the independence . The country has a population of about 10472 people. Due to the absence of natural resources, the main source of funding is from other countries.

6.San Marino


San Marino covering 24 square miles, is the world’s fifth small country, but also the least populated country of the European Council . However, San Marino is the world’s oldest sovereign state, and its history can be traced back to September 3 in 301 . The country’s constitution enacted in 1600, is the world’s second oldest constitutional republic. Meanwhile, San Marino is also one of the world’s richest countries with a budget surplus and no debt.



Liechtenstein, located in Europe, is surrounded by Switzerland and Austria, covering 61.7 square miles. Liechtenstein is perhaps one of the world’s top ten small country, but one of the most affluent places. The country is a very popular business center. The registered companies are more than the population of the country. In addition, it is also Europe’s most popular winter tourist destination here.

8.Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands is located in the central Pacific Ocean, covering 70 square kilometers. Major part is consisted by the atolls and islands and has a population of about 62,000. The Marshall Islands gained its independence in 1986 from the United States. But the absence of natural resources make its main source of funding come from the United States.

9.Seychelles Islands


Seychelles archipelago covers an area of 174 square miles, is the world’s eighth small country, but there is the population of 84,000. This archipelago is comprised by 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. The main source of income is through export of cinnamon, copra and vanilla. Since gaining independence in 1976, the main industry is tourism which is one-third income of the country’s population.



Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean. Either from covering area or population, it is the smallest country in Asia. It covers 115 square miles, with a population of about 39.6334. And there are 1192 islands in total, but only 200 of them are inhabited by human beings. Its capital is Male, a third of the country’s population live here. The country’s main source of income is tourism.

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