Top 10 Reasons Why Alien Reluctant To Contact With Humans

When UFO event happened, most people do not understand: if aliens really exist, why they do not want to contact with us? Recently, a UFO expert cited the 10 possible reasons for the aliens reluctant to contact with humans, which might be able to inspire us.

10. The alien leader’s instructions.


A guess is that the aliens have some moral reason, so that they can not interfere with those less advanced civilization. And thus alien leader indicates spacecraft rule, if the planets themselves have not yet reached a high level of technology, do not change their natural development routine.

The UFO phenomena that occur on Earth is possible only alien vanguard, they are controlled by their headquarters, and there is no command from headquarters and they did not dare to contact with the earth.

9.The Earth’s  explore is  just begun.

It is quite probably that aliens is just beginning to explore the Earth. Everything is still lack of enough information. It takes time for creatures of other galaxies to visit us.

It is also possible that they just find the earth and they also need long time to do some careful research and for the Earth , we also requires a long process of adaptation.

8.The level of civilization of the aliens cannot have interaction with human


For the level of development of civilization, some aliens may not have the ability to communicate with Earth people, due to limitations of technology. The aliens are temporarily unable to come to Earth or direct contact with people. They can only get in touch with the earth by some other ways(such as emission of electromagnetic waves, emission of detector).

Limited by many factors, we are currently unable to understand the information they pass over. Of course, this can only represent a part of the alien. Another alien may also be in the primitive society (and possibly some in slave society and feudal society) their technological backwardness could not contact people on earth.

7. Aliens and humans do not exist intersection.

Aliens come to Earth is head to seek new living space. It is possible that the Earth’s interior or the Earth’s oceans is more suitable for aliens residing and thus they settle down in somewhere we don’t know.

Due to limitations of the natural environment, aliens and earthlings can not communicate with each other, additionally,   the earth do not have much interest with them, so there will be no need for public interaction.

6.Aliens try to avoid war with humans.

Certain aliens are dissatisfied the behavior of human beings, and also due to irreconcilable contradictions of ideology and personality, there is no common language to make us have the same way to agree on the same issue.

Because of these factors, the aliens knew that, once in contact with humans, they can not avoid friction with human, so they drop the idea of contacting with human consciously .

5. In order to maintain long-term stability of our planet.


This is a more realistic reason that they don’t want to bother us. If aliens start to interact with earthlings, and start economic, cultural and technological exchanges, which will generate a series of difficulty social problems.

Take the example of the population on the planet! If aliens teach their medical technology to people on earth, how many countries can have the ability to control the rapid population growth?

4. In order to maintain their own security


Aliens might worry that once we start the interaction with each other, how to ensure the stability of their own planet? If  human beings have any self beneficial plan on them,then they have to pay for every bad effect of that. And by this reason, they would rather keep a distance with us.

3.Avoid triggering panic of humanity.


The main purpose that Aliens come to Earth may be only for scientific research, such as the investigation of Earth resources and observation of human society as well as our history ……

Once they start to communicate with us, this will cause human panic, leading to scientific research which has the detriment to them.

2. Aliens disdain to contact with humans.


There is also a possibility that the aliens feel the intelligence of human still in the low level. So they have no interests of human interaction.

Imagine if human technology reaches a certain level, then log in to other planets with lives, but we found the lives on the planet are still only evolved to  small creatures.  Will you crumbs to communicate with them?

Figuratively,would you be willing to think hard to dialogue with caterpillars?

1.Malicious aliens do not want to arouse our suspicions


This is the most reluctant to see for us, but also is what most of us do not want to happen: the aliens invade our planet Earth, the UFO event occurred on Earth are likely to be part of their espionage activities. And maybe there is a more dangerous situation behind.

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