Top 10 Newly Developed Special Drugs

With the development of medical level, significant progress is also appeared in drug developments. Until now, our human beings has developed a lot of special drugs, maybe a lot of them you never hear about. The following list is about the newly developed specific drugs.

10. Insulin Pill


For diabetes patients, they need frequent injections of insulin to diet, and as research progress in this field, insulin pill has emerged to help people, and they are very convenient and useful for diabetics.

9. Stay awake pills

Drunk seriously can affect the normal work and life and the drunken state is very prone to make errors when people are at work, so the development of such pills can make people stay awake.

8. Repellents pill


Repellents pill is a pill developed in Canada, in half an hour after eating this pill, it can effectively reduce insect bites, which can prevent insect bites fundamentally.

7. Dog contraceptives


It is not only expensive for dog sterilization, but also may leave after-effects on your loved little pet. And this dog pill can effectively prevent pregnancy, which really solve a lot of problems.

6. Male contraceptive


Male contraceptives is similar to the female one, which prevents sperm’s hormone producing and thus women will not be pregnant. In the near future it will be available in the market.

5. Forgotten Pills


Forgotten pill is a drug still being tested, is mainly used to forget the bad things, but it is not a casual eating drugs, mainly used in post-traumatic stress disorder psychosis.

4. Gold dung pills


Gold dung pills is an item used by rich people to show off. It is around $ 425 a pill, and after eating it, you will make poo immediately to the toilet which will become golden color.

3. Perfume capsule pills


Perfume capsule pills is used to change smell of sweat into fragrance, which greatly improved appreciate of people who has embarrassment in publics.

2. Proteus Health Monitor


Proteus Health Monitor is not a real pill in the true sense, but it is a special monitoring system. After eating this drug, drugs’ sensors can monitor heart rate, body temperature, respiration and physical condition.

1. Motorola authentication pills


Motorola has developed a pill that can produce electrocardiogram signal in the body after eating these pills, and then the body becomes a validator to validate each location via the password.

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