Top 10 Must-Have PC Games

There goes an old proverb that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. So, if you are sweating hard the whole day, you need to keep some time off for sports and co-curricular activities. However, our schedules today are rigorous and you could argue saying that there is absolutely no space in your life for some games. Now, if you cannot venture into the playground or do not even have time for your play station, take this guide of the top 10 games that you could install in your personal computer or laptop. With must-have PC Games, you will never have a boring minute and after the day’s hectic schedule you can always come back to them.

1. Grand Theft Auto V


This hugely popular game can be played either by three or a single player. You can play either on foot or you might navigate with the use of a vehicle. Similar to its prequels, this mission too is based on heist situations in the town of San Andreas. This hugely anticipated game broke records worldwide earning $800 million USD on its very first day. It has been greatly appraised by game critics all over the world and if you are a game buff, this is a must try out for you this weekend!

2. Undertale


Welcome to Undertale where you navigate a human body that has fallen underground into the realm of monsters and spooks. Either you must find your way out or remain eternally entrapped into this hellhole.

3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


You will take upon yourself the role of a master swordsman and a ghost buster called Geralt of Rivia. Your mastery and skill of weapons could determine the fate of your tribe as you go slaughtering all the dangers that lie ahead of you.

4. Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain


Set against the backdrop of the Cold War, a one-eyed man called Snake appears into the scene with his friend Ocelot. You must undertake this mission as Snake to rescue one of your comrades named Miller who is being held hostage by Soviet forces proving in the meantime that Snake has not disappeared from the scene as of yet.

5. Kerbal Space Program


At any point of your childhood have you aspired to be an astronaut? With this game, you could virtually fulfill your dreams. With the parts that will be at disposal, you must build a spaceship so that the crew can fly out into space. So choose your parts wisely and build the best spaceship that you can!

6. Her Story


To some, this is not a game. It involves a non-linear narrative and is actually interactive. This game works around a police database replete with live action video footage. Those who are willing to look for innovative gameplay in the crime fiction genre must try this out. It has a different approach to online gaming that makes it worth a try this weekend!

7. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward


This is the conflict between the Warriors of Light and dragons of the Dravanian Horde. Can the heroes salvage themselves, bring out the ancient truths and put an end to the dragons? Metacritic rated this game an 86 on 100. The landscapes, flying features are mind-boggling and this one is actually a great comeback in videogame history.

8. Heroes of the Storm


This game offers players of different skill level a chance so that you could join forces with another player or battle your opponent’s singlehandedly. Competent players could also join forces. This game basically allows you to fashion your own heroes and thereafter challenge your opponents into an ultimate war of the worlds. For those in love with the fantasy and sci-fi genre, this one is a must try out!

9. Cities: Skylines


This game offers you the opportunity to add on to the endless skyline of your city. You could collect taxes and influence your city’s policy. Players will find a vast and endless landscape that you could further add on to during the gameplay.

10. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime


This one is a two-player game set inside a neon spaceship where you must battle a crowd of space villains. Use your shields, lasers and defying gravity to fight these baddies and rack up that scoreboard.

So this weekend, plunge into a world of games in your own computer. In fact, once you get a knack of these, you will need to come back to them more often in your free time to indulge yourself for some game fun. Between tight deadlines, meetings, assignments and project works, these adrenaline-pumping games which have taken the whole gaming world by storm could be your ultimate stress buster. Switch between spaceship super villains to dangerous dragons, lurk through tunnels and create your own version of superheroes for cosmic battles in these hugely lauded set of PC games.

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