Top 10 Most Useful Tips on How To Get Clear Skin

The human skin is nothing but the outer superficial layer of the human body. But the question which arises is: is it really that superficial? The skin is vast in nature. It practically supports its own ecosystem. It is the largest organ possessed by human beings. Just like the heart, brain, liver, kidneys and all the other organs crucial for the proper functioning of the body, the skin too is vital. It needs protection. It needs care.

Skincare has become a very popular topic in today’s world. Thousands and thousands of cosmetic products have infiltrated the market today. Each different product is used for different purposes. But all of them intend to accomplish one and only one ultimate goal: how to get beautiful and healthy skin?


Natural skin care
Natural skin care is a hot topic. People try to look for natural and healthy ways to attain better skin. People suffer from a wide variety of skin problems. Especially now that we all have to face so much pollution everyday, it leaves a negative impact on our skin. Commonly, we face problems like:
• Acne
• Warts
• Rashes
• Sores
• Tanning

But of course it is not possible to lock ourselves up in the shelters of our homes to protect our skin. There must be ways to get good skin. Easily and effectively. The real question here is how to get clear skin in a natural way. Here are some natural skin care tips.
1. Wash your face every morning and at night. Positively. Keep your face clean.

2. Avoid drinking sugary beverages such as soda etc. It is unhealthy. So stay away.

3. Keep your body and hence skin hydrated. Drink lots of water. Green tea is also recommended.

4. Sterilize your hands by rubbing alcohol. Always carry a hand sanitizer and use it whenever necessary. Keep your hands clean.

5. Use coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and tea tree oil. Using natural products rather than cosmetics is useful.

6. Regularly eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Improve your eating habits. Healthy from the inside makes you healthy outside.

7. Exercise regularly. Keeping your body fit leads to attainment of healthier skin.

8. Cleanse and tone your skin with natural lemon extract. It is very useful in natural skin care.

9. Exfoliate your skin regularly for cleaner skin.

10. Opening and closing pores is also of utmost importance. The dirt stuck in the pores of our delicate skin needs to be removed. Otherwise it will lead to rashes and pimples.

10 cheats on skin care you might not have known before

Everyone wants fair skin. For some reason people keep trying to find ways to achieve a fairer skin tone. Moisturizers, lotions, face packs, face masks, facials, surgeries and whatnot people do in order to get fairer skin. But there are some easy hacks that fetches you beautiful skin fast and easily. No hassle. Without having to go to any trouble, it is possible to get fair and lovely skin in just a few simple ways. How to get beautiful skin? Only 10 simple tricks. Here they are:
1. Tomato Juice Massage: Tomato extract should be applied and massaged on the skin twice every week. It makes the skin fairer and shinier. It has been proven to be effective in removing stretch marks as well. Tomato juice is rich in nutrients that refresh the skin and make it wonderfully radiant.

2. Potato Slices: Stretch marks and other marks due to some damage can be removed by placing potato slices on the affected areas. Once these marks are gone, the skin looks cleaner and healthier. This simple task needs to be performed only thrice a week.

3. Aloe Vera Massage: Aloe vera is a leading skin care agent. It is the answer to the questions: how to get beautiful skin? How to get clear skin? After extracting the oil from the plant, it should be rubbed on your face, arms and legs. Doing this only once a week will show fruitful results. It results in healthy and beautiful skin with a beautiful glow.

4. Milky Massage: A mixture of milk and lemon juice needs to be massaged on the skin to get naturally radiant and spot-free skin. It is easy and exceedingly beneficial. The results can be seen almost instantaneously.

5. Natural Antioxidants: Just like moisturizers, natural antioxidants need to be applied on the skin twice daily. It is beneficial in removing spots and providing healthy skin.

6. Egg Whites: Egg whites are extremely rich in protein. It nourishes the skin and cleanses it internally as well. Regular consumption of egg whites is highly recommended. It is the best natural skin care tip.

7. Castor Oil: It is a natural product easily available in cosmetic shops. It prevents the effects of ageing on skin and also works against spotting and stretch marks. Regular application of castor oil on all parts of the skin makes the skin beautiful and fair.

8. White Sugar Method: Natural white sugar mixed with lemon juice acts as an effective treatment for stretch marks and dark spots. The marks literally disappear overnight. It is that useful!

9. Radio Therapy: It is an artificial way to get rid of marks and scars from the body. Affected body parts are exposed to radiation. It continues till all the marks have been removed. This procedure is adopted only in severe cases.

10. Laser Therapy: In laser therapy, the damaged skin cells are subjected to laser twice a day. It lightens skin tone and removes dark spots and black heads. Therefore it is effective in making skin fairer and prettier. Although it is immensely effective, it is not a very recommended option.

Skin care is one of the biggest concerns of human beings today. This has lead to the development of the skin care industry also. This booming industry now strives to answer questions like “How to get beautiful skin”. There are as many household remedies as there are cosmetics in the market dealing with skin care.

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