Top 10 Most Romantic Places To Propose In The World

Romance, beauty and happiness are needed for modern women. Many women aspire to have a perfect wedding. Of course, it is essential to have a romantic marriage proposal. If you want to  have a romantic place and ensure a success, then it must be choose a perfect place to propose. While many people think of the most romantic propose is during the travel, it is a good idea. But still not enough, let’s check out this list to see much more romantic places to help you propose.

10.Lavender fields in southern France


When it comes to June and July of each year,  the lavender of Ventoux  and Provence in southern France  are fully bloomed, walking in an oasis of flowers, a deep feeling toward your beloved people to say the vows of love and commitment, making decision to spend a lifetime together. It will be quite wonderful and romantic ah! However, due to limited flowering time, so you need to arrange well to dismiss this nice blooming time.

9. The place In Beijing


Here has Asia’s largest screen with  exceptional audiovisual conditions. If you want to choose a large-screen courtship, no doubt it would be a good choice. Imagine coming out from the screen, switching the confession  from the screen to reality, how touching that is! Best of all is that there are so many people around, they will cheer for you and give you courage.

8.Atlanta Georgia Aquarium


Atlanta Georgia Aquarium in the US, is the world’s largest aquarium. In this underwater world, you can hire a professional diver with you to dive into the bottom of the water, avoiding sharks to come in front of your partner, and expressing your deep love. Of course, if you want a more romantic way,  you can also request a diver to help you do some simple movements for you!

7.Maldives Rangali


A small island located in the Indian Ocean, you can book a room here, and then enjoy exquisite dinner with your partner in the undersea restaurant which is  located six feet underwater. While enjoying the beautiful scenes of undersea coral and fish, you can also take advantage of this kind of relaxed and romantic atmosphere to express a better commitment of ‘hold your hands and grow old with “.

6. Santorini church


Santorini is a shining pearl of the Aegean Sea, where there are the most beautiful sunsets, the bluest water, many white house, fantastical blue and white interwoven Holy Land. Here is the free land described by Platonic in his works, where you can loudly make confession with your partner to express your most sincere love.

5.Kenya’s Masai Mara savanna


Imaging you can fly to 500 meters of altitude by hot air balloon, watching the endless African savannah, herds of wild animals running at your feet, as well as the distant rising sun, when you ask your partner to promise a lifetime commitment , the vast expanse of sky and earth will witness your love, this will be your lifetime scene.

4.Niagara Falls, Canada


As we all known,  the falls is a miracle of nature. You can come with your partner to witness the miracle of nature – Niagara Falls, Canada. When you sit near the waterfall with water mist hovercraft, accompanying rumbling sound of water, you can shout out the love to your partner and give her a lifetime commitment.

3.Sahara Desert


Golden desert is broad and vast. Maybe it seems too unusual that you will propose in the desert, but an oasis in the desert is the best you bring with super visual shock to soul mate.

2.Prague Castle


This is the world’s largest castle  and an ancient building. It is a symbol of lasting love that you can feel the mysterious and atmosphere here. Passing through time and historical dialogue, this ancient castle can witness the most romantic marriage proposal confession and lead you hand in hand until forever.

1.Empire State Building in New York USA


Many movies have confession scene of a romantic leading man in the tallest building in New York. Of course, this is also the desire of many girls, so if you want to give partner a memorable courtship ritual, you can come to the Empire State Building with a well-prepared courtship ritual. I believe that she will be very impressed.

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