Top 10 Most Poisonous Spiders In The World

Spiders are part of every household and many a times you must have felt fed up because of the cobwebs they make. But when it comes to those that can bite and cause death, you should be very careful and stay away from them. Here are the top ten most poisonous spiders from all over the world

10. Hobo Spider (Tegenaria agrestis)

Hobo spider is a very aggressive kind of house spider that is found all over Europe. This spider, when in Europe, is kept out of the houses by more powerful spiders that reside in the houses of Europe. But, in North America this spider is found in the houses and due its aggressive behavior, can bite the humans. In animal studies, the wounds take weeks to heal.

9. Camel Spider (Solifugae)


This 15 cm in length spider is a big and dangerous spider that is found in the deserts of Egypt. They are actually not spiders but look like one and can give you bite that really hurts a lot. These are in fact arachnids known as solifuges which look fierce and can run really fast. There are many stories prevalent about them in the desert, telling about the mean things they do to the camels.

8. Yellow Sac Spider (Cheiracanthium)


These 0.5 to 1mm long spiders are wide spread and look harmless in appearance. But the looks can be deceptive. Their bites are extremely painful and inject poison which is a cytotoxin. This cytotoxin causes necrosis and the wound takes a long time to heal.

7. Fringed Ornamental Tarantula (Poecilotheria)


This spider is rightly named as it shows different patterns on its back as if someone did tattoo for this spider. The bite of this spider is extremely painful and there have been reports of people experiencing moderate to severe muscle cramps. Their looks and bites are both scary and can even cause the bite victim to end up in the emergency room. Their appendages that are used to bite are pointed downwards and they stab it into the victim’s skin.

6. Mouse Spider (Missulena)


Mouse spider is a poisonous and fierce looking spider. This spider can inject venom through its fangs into the victim and can even cause death to the victim. This species is found in Australia and is given the name due to its furry abdomen. But this species is not very aggressive and though it possesses venom, their bites are generally dry.

5. Six-eyed Sand Spider (Sicarius hahni)


This deadly spider is found in the African deserts and that too in the southern portion of Africa. The six eyed spider buries itself in the sand of the desert and waits for an unsuspecting victim. It injects cytotoxic venom into the victim and eats it when the prey dies. The venom of this spider is not only cytotoxic but also hemolytic and necrotic in nature giving a painful death to the prey. Though the effects on humans remain unconfirmed

4. Redback / Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus)


Redback and black widow are one of the most poisonous spiders in the world and they come from the continent of Australia. Their toxins are very effective and can cause the victim to even die if they are very old or very young. These spiders are very small in size therefore they can eject only a small amount of toxin at a time.

3. Brown Recluse / Chilean Recluse (Loxosceles)


Brown recluse and chilian recluse are very poisonous spiders and are known to have caused fatal bites. The venom they inject into the victim is necrotic in nature and causes a condition known as Loxoscelism. In this condition, the area around the bite dies leaving large open wounds which may take really long time to heal- even months and may sometimes require grafts or even amputation of the affected limb. But thankfully, this spider is shy in nature and not aggressive.

2. Sydney Funnel Web (Atrax robustus)


This spider is an aggressive fighter and carries the arms and ammunition to support itself in the form of great build, strong grip, long and sturdy fangs. The venom is not very potent but the spider bites multiple times to deliver a good amount into the victim. Their fangs are so strong that they can pierce the nails, leather shoes and for that matter any clothing. The venom is a neurotoxin and can cause even death to the victim. But, today there is anti venom available to save lives.

1. Brazilian Wandering Spider (phoneutria)


These spiders are the most deadly ones because they are not only highly venomous but also aggressive and like to hide in places which are easily accessible to humans. Their poison is around 20 times more effective than that of Black Widow. The most important point about these spiders biting a male victim is that the venom causes painful penal erection for hours together.

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