Top 10 Most Highly Intelligent Animals In The World

As humans, we have learning, thinking and problem solving skills. We have self-knowledge; we can sense the presence; we have ideas, but also feel the feelings of others. We can make tools, use deception. We have creative and abstract thinking abilities. We have languages to be used expressing complex ideas. All of these are evidence that we humans are clever. Of course, in addition to humans, other animals actually very clever, here we are going to tell you about the world’s top ten highly intelligent animals now!

10. the most intelligent animals, of course it is human


Scientists may disagree on how to give a most appropriate and precise definition of the term “wisdom”, but generally we agree that such a view: people are very smart senior animals. But London zoo held an exhibition in 2005, volunteers will be put into a monkey’s mountain, to experience the feeling of animals. The experimental results show that in that environment, people are not much smarter than the monkey.

9, human relatives, chimpanzees


We humans have intelligence, chimps also must have certain intelligence, because 98% of human and chimpanzee gene is the same. They can make and use tools, systematically hunting, also exist violence among orangutans, etc. Field observation and laboratory studies have shown that chimpanzees can not only empathy, as well as altruism and self-awareness. The experimental results showed that chimpanzees have higher score than human in many memory tests.

8.creative dolphins


When Australia dolphins search food in the bottom of sea, they use sponge to protect nose. Scientists say it’s just one case to prove dolphin’s smartness. They emit sounds to call partners’ name, and these sounds may be they are used in special language of communication. A famous experiment in the 1960 s found that dolphins do novel once realized that can get the reward of fish, and they will be more creative.

7, have self-awareness-elephant


Absolute size of their brains showed elephants must be sensible. The researchers found that elephants will comfort family members and help other animal species when they need. They like playing in the water, shaking feet to communicate with each other. Scientists say their greatest reward is one called “Happiness” female Asian elephant can recognize herself in the mirror. This complex behavior only belong to people, apes and dolphins.

6. Big head cephalopods


Do you think octopus, squid and squid are clever? This is a question that many scientists interest in, but these cephalopods are indeed the cleverest marine invertebrates. Cephalopods’ brain was surrounded by the esophagus, and has some characteristics of the human brain, such as brain lobe and the visual and tactile information processing area and other unique wrinkle.

5. Squirrel is also a master of deception


The squirrel can play tricks? Maybe it is. Researchers recently reported that squirrel will elaborate deceptive storeroom, so that the thief can’t find their own food. During the experiment, when they saw someone stealing their peanuts, the squirrel would use more this deception. The researchers said they found evidence that squirrel can understand the intentions of their fellows, although it is a learned behavior rather than instinctive behavior. Other research has shown that squirrel can draw a 3D map n my head, and then recalled the storage location of nuts. Among all the squirrels, the one from California is probably most intelligent, they can use the smell of a rattlesnake cover their smell as a method of self-defense.

4. Dogs have the similar way as human to understand the world


As man’s best friend, the dog always resolutely obeys the master’s command, but is this enough to prove they are very clever? A dog can learn to sit, lie down, and fetch ability, but can they understand the host’s real intention? According to the researchers, the dog could at least find food through nonverbal cues. Scientists believe that their way of understanding may be similar to the way of humans to understand other people’s ideas. In the experiment, dogs can distinguish between the similar photos and scenery pictures, that is to say, they have the ability to form the concept of “dog”.

3. The cat has a strong adaptability


Like dog’s owners, cat owners also train their baby sit, roll over and drill iron ring. Use positive reinforcement training with some bonus, the cat can master these skills by observation and imitation. Although it is more difficulty of training a cat than a dog, but this does not mean that the cat is more stupid than dog. experts of cat saying: cat is a different kind of animals, they like to be alone, driven by the survival needs. This allows them to adapt a number of different environments.

2. Pigs are very smart, but also love clean


Pig is always full of sludge and doesn’t seem to care about hygiene. However, some experts point out that they might be the smartest animal and also love clean among captive animals, even better than a cat and a dog. Unfortunately, since there is no sweat glands, pigs have to wallow in the mud in order to let the body to keep cool. The experiment was carried out in the 1990’s to find the evidence that the pig is very intelligent. In the experiment, researchers trained pigs use the mouth to move the pointer on the screen and use the pointer to find them the graffiti at first glance. The results showed that they needed similar time as Chimpanzees to complete this task. This is an evidence to prove their intelligence.

1. Smart crow


The crow is a kind of “ingenuity” animal, they can use the small branches, feathers, and other debris as tool. Make trap to get the animal in the hard places. A crow named Betty can put a straight wire bent into a hook, and then use it to retrieve the food which is inside a tube. The bird was born with talent of making tools, as long as the need to through the observation to mastering the skills of their elders, and this is the evidence of their high IQ. Research shows that raven can skill use social influence to get more protection and food.

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