Top 10 Most Famous Watch Brands In The World

Today, the watches are not just devices that tell you time but they are a style statement and show others how your good times are here. Watches have been a craze among people who love style and want to create a long lasting impression on others. The watch that you choose to wear speaks thousand words about you. So you must select carefully what kind of watch you wear. Today, the watches are an essential part of the wardrobe and cannot be taken for granted when it comes to style
Here are the top ten brands of the world that would enhance your look many folds.

10. Tag Heuer


This Swiss watch company is no alien to the world. It is famous and caters to customers all around the world. The Tag Heuer watches are endorsed by celebrities. These watches are built according to the fashion trends too and thus have managed to get attention from all those who are fashion conscious and want to experiment with something new every season.

9. Seiko


The Japanese company Seiko is known for its quality and long life of its watches. There are many functional Seiko watches that were made years ago. This company has been known to make sports watches and have also been sponsors of various sporting events including Olympics and World Cups. They were the first to introduce quartz watch.

8. Tissot


The Tissot quartz watches are made to be multifunctional and this company has been known to manufacture watches since 1853. This company makes stylish and modern looking watches for the current generation. Tissot has been the official time keeper of Wimbledon and several other sporting events. The looks of these watches are amazing and would allure you to buy one or at least desire one.

7. Bulova


The sapphire crystal and the Swiss technology of automatic movements have made the Bulova watches desirable for all genders and ages. The precision of its watches and the craftsmanship is adorable and brings this brand owned by Citizen to the 7th position in the top ten list

6. Rolex


Still the gold standard of watches, Rolex is a name for luxury. This watch is desired by everyone and is considered to be one of the best in the world. Having its origin in England, this watch company is still ruling half the world as far as watch market is concerned. The main attraction of these watches is the precision and the looks.

5. Omega


This is one of the greatest brands in the world and is number 5 in this list of top ten watch brands. This company was hired by NASA to make watches that work perfectly in zero gravity. This is a Swiss brand and was founded in the year 1849. This brand is also the official partner of the Olympic Games. The watches are made to perfection and same is true with remarkable design they offer.

4. Victorinox


This company, apart from making army knives, also makes watches. These watches are built on the forward quartz mechanism with chronograph. Their watches are reliable for accuracy and are beautiful too. They create a perfect balance between technology and art.

3. Hamilton


Hamilton offers watches for both men and women. Its innovative designs and high quality watches have proved to the world that Hamilton watches deserve to be ranked 3rd among the top ten watches of the world. The most famous watch that has been brought out in the market by this brand is called “Khaki Field”. This watch with its rugged style has started the trend of wearing military style watches in the world of fashion. Its manly style is sure to stay in the market.

2. Citizen


This most trusted brand in the market of watches has never disappointed its customers in terms of quality, design and functionality. These watches are multifunctional and liked a lot by women and children these days because they are pretty as well as light in weight. The citizen watches have many interesting functions like showing accurate world time as it is connected to the satellite.

1. Casio G-Shock


As the name suggests, these watches are made to bear the wear and tear associated with the daily use. These reasonably priced watches are from the very reputed and the leaders in the market of watch making- Casio. Casio is famous for making technically advanced watches. These watches can be worn with any type of attire and are great to carry during an adventurous outing too.

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