Top 10 Most Famous Cloth Brands In The World

Fashion and brand goes hand in hand. Looking élan and stylish is the key concern of every human being. Fashion lovers want to make a fashion statement in their circle with their stylish and elegant apparels. However, to keep the fashion freaks charged, the clothing brands are coming up with different apparel styles from time to time. They astonish the fashion enthusiasts with the stupendous collections that surpass the fashion origin. Undeniably, below mentioned are a few top-notch brands that are ruling the roost in the fashion world.

1.Louis Vuitton


The other name for this brand is fashion and so far no other brand could attain the reputation and success that this brand has reaped since its establishment. Many celebrities and fashion designers are ardent fans of this brand. This comes up with new collection regularly and produces ready-to wear apparels, fashion accessories, watches, leather bags and many more. The fashionable designs of this brand make the people go crazy. With its stylish wardrobe, this has stood in the top five clothing brands till date.



This brand has attained a special place in the fashion industry with its unique collections. The comfort, luxury, and high quality fabric have helped this brand to win the eyes and hearts of millions of fashion lovers. The designers of this brand give life to the apparels by playing with colors. Indeed, this brand has shown a new side of the fashion with its mélange clothes. It has always been listed in the top ten clothing brands till date.



This Italian fashion brand is loved by both men and women. Their unique collections grabs the attention of women and make them fall in love with their creative designs. This brand became the hot topic in the fashion industry. It is a known fact that this brand designer will never replicate the designs of other brands, instead they put forth their skills and creativity to design new apparels that leave an indelible mark as the best fashion clothes in the fashion world. Their craftsmanship, high quality fabric and luxury have made this brand vociferous in the global market. Their rich designs attract the rich people to have this branded clothes in their wardrobe. Undeniably, this brand is perfect for the people who are ready to shell out money for its quality and fashion.



This is the most popular American brand that is being chanted by every fashion lover, when comes to fashion. This is well-known for its fashionable and luxury clothes. People can find comfortable clothes for all seasons in this brand. It always surprises its customers with new and latest collections that are out of the reach for other brands. This brand produces clothes for teenage and adult men and women. The quality, comfort, luxury, design and excellent fit is thronging fashion lovers to purchase them.



Glamor, elegance, timeless beauty, sophisticated and style are the other names for this brand. This brand clothes are worn to show off the status to the crowd. It produces expensive and luxurious clothes that attract youngsters, especially people from the fashion industry. The fame of this fashion house has been boosted after it started producing women’s wear and fashion accessories. This brand is being admired by many fashion lovers globally.



This is the most renowned and expensive brand across the globe. This brand used to manufacture just T-shirt and jeans, but with the increase in demand in the fashion world, it started producing perfumes and various clothing products. This brand clothes are sold globally and recommended by fashion designers. The clothes of this brand are suitable to wear during all the seasons.

7.Dolce and Gabbana


This brand is popular and known for producing a huge range of fashionable clothes. This brand is popular for its unique collection, style and luxury. This brand products are sold across the globe and are loved by men and women. Today, this brand has become a must-have fashion brand in everyone’s wardrobe. The quality fabric, texture, fit, and comfort make this unmatchable with others.

8. Hermès Paris


This Paris based clothing brand has a long and remarkable history of 176 years. Today, this is one of the top ten clothing brands in the international market. Its ready-to wear apparels, high quality fabric, and soft texture have made this brand loud in the market. The finesse of work is immaculate. This brand has even started producing leather bags, fashion accessories, and expensive purses. Its designs are comfortable and sophisticated.



This Italian brand has become popular in the fashion world with its fabulous wardrobe. These fashion designers design clothes for both men and women that helps them to stand out in the crowd. In addition, handbags and shoes of this brand are acclaimed by the global customers. Though expensive, this brand clothes are sophisticated, glamorous, elegant and stylish. Despite of having many competitors in the fashion world, it has retained its position in the market.



This Paris based fashion powerhouse is well-known for producing both men’s and women’s clothes. This is the most famous brand that is loved by the rich-class people. Amazing designs, quality fabric, and comfort have made this brand to gain huge reputation in the fashion world. Apart from clothing, this brand has succeeded in producing beauty products. This brand is admired by teenage fashion freaks.

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