Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycle

Motorcycles are so fascinating to all the boys and every boy dream to have a special one in their life. However, the top performance motorcycle is not that cheap and easy to own. But still we can take a look how nice they are. They may have nice design on their parts or they have many features can be a symbol of your identity or your personal characteristics.

They are quite expensive machines for their parts, outlook, and many other factors. They are designed for the luxury and probably can only be purchased by millionaires or billionaires.

1.Buell’s EBR 1190


From the reviews of American, the motorcycle, designed by legendary designer Erik Buell, may be the most expensive motorcycle in the US. In 2013, EBR1190RS track version won some games, and street version is also occupied the top spot in many fields, but the retail price has increased to $ 42,599!

1190RX is powered by a 1190cc V-twin engine, the maximum power is 185 hp @ 10600rpm, peak torque of 137 Nm @ 8200rpm, redline with 11500rpm. The compression ratio is 13.4: 1 and the empty weight is 190 kg as well as the entire weight is 202 kg. And this machine is characterized by the frame acts as a cylinder section.

2.Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide


This American legend motorcycle is the 110 Anniversary Edition of Classic Electra Glide. It is designed without the flag of the United States and the retail price is $ 38,799.

In the lower part of the body, there is the core part of EFI Twin Cam 88, including all you expect from Harley Street: strong power, precision production, and legend. It provides a better human comfort, providing passengers with a comfortable seat with backrest.

3. Limited Edition Of Indian Chief Vintage


This vehicle can sell as much as $37,899. Chief Vintage equipped with a 2-cylinder engine Powerplus 1638ccV. The compression ratio is 9.5: 1, although it use the same 45-degree V2 engine, Chief Vintage, it still has not any similar characteristics of H.D., exquisite craftsmanship and detailed design are fascinating and make me really want to have one.

4.MV-A Augusta F4RR


The Italian-style street racing motorcycle owning the similar style as MOTOGP, is rarely seen in the road of United States and it costs about $ 32,870. When it refer to its details, In detail, it is highlighting on the new MV Agusta F4 RR:
– A new short-stroke 201 hp radial-valve engine with revolution 13400 rpm
– Additional aperture
– The new main drive
– New cylinder head
– The new large-diameter titanium intake and exhaust valves
– New lightweight forged pistons “aerospace alloys RR” – new exhaust 4-2-1-4
– Close ratio gearbox
– Variable length intake runners
– Multi-adjustable 43 mm Öhlins fork
– Ohlins TTX 36 shock absorbers
– Öhlins steering damper
– Forged alloy wheels

5.Ducati Panigale


This vehicle is the pride and glory of Italian motorcycle factory. Ducati 1190 Panigale R is expensive for its fantastic handling on the street and the MOTOGP style. It needs $ 29,995 to buy.

The best performance, top technology, charm of personality and fascinating design make it really stand out in most motorcycles: no matter riding on the track or on the streets, 1199 Panigale can dominate.

6.Honda Gold Wing


This is the biggest Honda’s cruising motorcycle with balloon, satellite radar and navigation systems, and its full price is $ 29,950.
Since 1975’s first GoldWing launch, Honda are regularly upgraded equipment for its body, and become increasingly luxurious. The level of their product has been higher than other competitors. Until 1999, BMW launched the K1200LT, with more electric adjustable windshield and preheat handle, coupled with more modern styling, then GoldWing feels challenge and stress.

7.BMW K1600 GTL


BMW K1600 GTL is also BMW’s road surface warships. It is equipped with an adjustable headlights can move with your steering wheel and you need to pay $ 23,650 for it.
It is designed with more lean lightweight and more comfortable sitting. The lightweight design makes the knights have more flexibility to manage this top-level SUV flagship, easier to operate all functions, enjoy more comfortable long-distance travel, have a more strong and majestic. power output.

8.Yamaha Royal Star Venture


This is the Yamaha’s classic wagon priced at $ 20,590.
The rider seat height is 29.5 inches (750 mm). It weighs 807 pounds (366 kg) for empty vehicle, and a weight of 869 pounds (394 kg) including gas, coolant, and a full fuel tank. Royal star enterprises have a 67.1-inch (1700 mm) wheelbase. One of the standard features is a complete AM / FM / cassette stereo system integration CB, and electronic cruise control. It has a large trunk and side pockets. The seat is traditional flat.

9. Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager


This sleek wagon is the most expensive Kawasaki’s vehicle, $ 19,349.
Kawasaki VN1700 Voyager ABS is the luxury cruiser and its main market is in United States. The motorcycle has three headlights and giant windshield. Body protection is also extended to the knight feet, spoiler design can also adjust the amount of wind. It is definitely American pride and the king of the road with refrigerator feeling.

10. Triuimph Trophy SE


This vehicle is equipped with electrically adjustable damping, cruise control, and Bluetooth. The price is $ 18,999.

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