Top 10 Most Expensive Bottled Or Mineral Water

Water has accompanied human being for a long long time. And they are so essential for our life. Without water, we cannot survive in this planet. It is also so important for our health. It supports our healthy heart, energy, digestive system and so on. Water is working as a cleaning material in our bodies. And we have to also admit that the water is quite common in life. Many people even cannot feel the precious value of it. However, today we will show you many expensive bottled waters with highly expensive price and probably will change your impression about water.



Fine is coming from the volcanic Mount Fuji in Japan and is existed in aquifer which located 600 meters underground, here has a unique mineral composition and a high concentration of silicon element, it is priced at $ 5 per 750 ml.

9.Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani


This is probably the world’s most expensive bottled water. Valued at approximately $ 60,000 per 750 ml, probably no one will quench their thirst and drink it. This is simply the same as the immortal water. Water comes from France or Fiji manufacture. If you really think about the price, you would wonder it should not be so expensive, yes, actually the bottle is made of pure gold, weighing 24 karats. The bottle, designed by Fernando Altamirano known as the designer of one kind of the world’s most expensive spirits,. He is also the legacy of Henry IV cognac Dudognon design, is considered the world’s most expensive bottle of cognac. In addition to solid gold bottle, there are matte gold, silver, matte silver, crystal, and various combinations of all these. Non-gold bottle is priced at $ 3,600. Bottles are equipped with a holster. Water also contains 5 mg of gold powder.



The bottle looks like a pawn, especially like the king and queen. On top of Fillico bottle, there is golden crown which is related to the royal family. This bottled water was produced in Osaka, Japan.

It is known as the most extravagant mineral water known in the world. The reason why Fillico is so expensive is frosted decorative patterns on the bottle, which is the combination of Swarovski crystals and gold coating and quite extravagance. In addition to the eye-catching bottle, the design of bottle cap is also marvel. The retail price of this mineral water is $ 100 per bottle, and a monthly limit of 5,000 bottles to be sold.

7.Bling H2O – $40 per 750 ml


About this bottled water, the only surprise is the price is no more than 40 US dollars. After all, it was named the glittering jewelry which reminds me people always wear a huge jewelry to show off to others. Bottles are manufactured by Swarovski. It looks like a bottle of champagne.

6.Veen – $23 per 750 ml


Veen is made from Finland and were called the freshest and purest water over the world. No one has an idea whether it can really satisfy people’s thirst but if it is a real magic beverage, there are still a large market available.

5.10 Thousand BC 14$ 750mL


This mineral water is coming from the coast of Canada. The costs of the whole production are very high. Water is completely non-polluting. It is one of the most pure, the most fresh and clean water in the world

4. AQUADECO 12$ 750ml


AQUADECO bottled water uses a very attractive and well-built bottle. A few years ago, in 2007 to be exact, it won the gold medal for the best non-carbonated spring water of that year. Water wastaken from Canada unspoiled and original spa.

3.Lauquen 6$ 750 ml


Artes Lauquen mineral wate is from the aquifer which is located in the depth of 1500 feet underground. And the aquifer is located in a remote area of the Andes.

2.Tasmanian Rain – 5$ 750ml


It is from Tasmania. This bottled water collected from rainwater of the island. The water wukk be poured directly into the bottle when it rains.

1.Kona Nigari Water 402$ 750ml


Kona brine water is bottled water sold in Japan. As it advertised, the water can help you lose weight, reduce stress, improve skin tone and quality. it is actually made up of the water that has been desalination of seawater which located several thousand feet below the ocean surface near island of Hawaii

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