Top 10 Most Effective Home Remedies For Skin Chafing

Chafing is always happened on skin when skin rubs with clothing or any other material. If this material is coarse, your skin will become red, itchy and irritated. Chafing can always lead to red sore patches on your affected skin, which most commonly happened in underarms, inner thighs and so on. These area will become painful and tedious. However, it is not quite difficult to cure this problem and actually you have many stuff easy to find which are very common in your life.

10.Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil has effective antimicrobial properties which protect your skin from the infections. And thus it is an very effective treatment for skin Chafing. Use a clean cotton ball to dip into the water and sprinkle some drops of tea tree oil on the cotton. Then you can just press it on your chafed skin area and serve several times a day for a period until you see your chafing is reduced.

9.Using Ice packs


Use ice packs onto your chafed skin once you have noticed redness or any irritation happened. Ice pack will help to reduce your chafing and heal it very fast. Just put it onto the chafed skin for more than 20 minutes.



This is another plant which is very safe and effective to heal chafing, diaper rash or any other skin inflammation. It contains a lot of flavonoids and can protect your skin from free redical damage.

7.Having a relax soak


Having a relax soak in your bath tub and adding with some proper ingredients will be a great way to treat with chafing skin. You can just put several drops of lavender essential oil and 2 cups baking powder into your warm water in tub. Then soak the affected skin for at least 20 minutes and pat there dry. You will see the good result.

6.Aloe Vera


Aloe vera can greatly help to calm your irritated skin. Its main ingredient glycoprotein can reduce inflammation and pain, and another ingredient polysaccharides can help skill cell recover. Besides, it also boost the process of healing and lower the risks of infection.

5.Coconut Oil


This is another powerful and useful nature remedy for chafing skin. It has powerful abilities of anti-inflammatory, and healing chafed skin. Coconut oil can maintain the moisture of your skin and supply enough nutrients to your skin. Just rub it all over the chafing skin frequently as you want and you can get rid of chafing easily.



Ghee is powerful curative and healing product to maintain your maximum health. By its strong moisturizing ability, your skin will always keep soft and free from irritations and any infections. Many studies have found that its nutrients can help repair damaged skin cell, which keep your skin young and free of wrinkles.

3.Olive Oil and Oatmeal


Mix olive oil and oatmeal to form a paste and then spread this paste onto the chafed skin and keep it for 30 mins. The paste will help reduce the irritation of skin and calm your irritated skin. Also the olive oil can maintain your skin soft and free from dryness. After 30 mins, you can remove the paste and wash your irritated skin with warm water. Each day you can perform this method three times onto your chafed skin to get rid of chafing.

2.Almond Oil


Use several drops of almond oil to apply on your irritated skin. It will help reduce the your chafing and nourishing your skin.



Turmeric is powerful plant which contains a lot of curcumin that have powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Moreover, it can also help avoid scarring. According to the recently research, it also help to protect your skin from radicals and inflammation.

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