Top 10 Most Dangerous Places In The World One Must Avoid

There are a various risky places in all over the world to live. According to the elders no one must visit such places to find out the actual reason. One must never visit such sites after 2 am till 5 pm.

1. Cape Town – both attractive and dangerous.


This city is itself very beautiful and attractive. It is a very popular tourist attraction. But this city is not politically stable. Due to intense poverty in the city people commit many types of crime. It is advised that one must never travel alone to this city. It is very much risky to travel alone in this city. This place is among the list of most dangerous places in the world.

2. Danakil desert – Euthopia. The strangest place of the earth.


The place seems to be very beautiful. But it always advised from various foreign offices not to visit the place. It is a border area and there is maximum chance of getting trapped. This place also experiences a peculiar type of temperature and structural landscapes. A giant depression is also found in this region known as the Danakil depression.

3. Naples – Italy


More than 65000 people resided in this area. And it is a being advised to almost all of the tourists not to visit this place. Many years ago there was a volcanic eruption which destroyed many old cities such. It also initiated more than 50 more volcanic eruptions. This place is among the list of most dangerous places in the world.

4. Grand Canyon – Arizona The second highest location for suicide.


Once upon a time, a 21 years old boy was driving through the edges of this place. And accidently he plummeted off the cliffs. But he was rescued by a tree which prevented him from falling down. It is one of the exceptional cases. But in all other cases the fall was intentional. It is believed that this place is the nation’s second highest place for suicide. And it is being advised to tourists not to visit this place as it is considered to be one of the dangerous places of the world.

5. San Pedro Sula The murder is capital of world


This is the place where marked as very violent and unrest cities on Earth, which is simply known everywhere as the murder is capital of world. The place is intended with crimes like homicide (rate surpass 170 per 100000 people), with an arms illegal and trafficking firearms all over the place. The major cause of this violence is believed to be either the expulsion of Los Angeles bands from 1990s, together with Mara Salvatrucha. This place is very dangerous.

6. Sumatra and Java – Indonesia


This place is an incredibly prone to natural disasters including droughts, floods etc and many other natural calamities. In the year 2004, a particular tsunami killed over 2,27,000 people followed by a magnitude of 9.1 Richter scale earthquake, which caused an huge wave. It has become a risky place to decide to live in for the last 100 years because of frequent volcano eruptions, droughts and earthquake. This place is very much troublesome to travel.

7. Guatemala


Guatemela is a very beautiful country. It is situated in North America. In the year 1976, an earthquake of magnitude of 7.5 Richter scale killed over 23000 people in the year 2005 more than 900 mudslides were caused.

8. Baghdad- Iraq


The frequent gunfire, bombing and the centre of violence Baghdad probably catches the news headlines. Even travel agents prevent tourist to visit this place. Frequent terrorist attack is also prevalent. It is also listed as one of the least comfortable places to be resided. The city Mercer ranks the worst of 221 major life threatened cities.

9. Nimtala burning ghat – India, The place for paranormal sighting.


This place is located at Central Kolkata and it is one of the dangerous places. According to locals paranormal activities are very common in this place and it is advised to people not to visit this place. Generally burning ghats are also believed to be sacred place. But at Nimtala burning ghat it is also being observed that during the night of Kali puja the Aghoris come and they feed themselves by the leftover flesh from the burning pyre.

10. The place under the Howrah Bridge and on the Ganges.


According to the wrestlers one must find the hands failing in the river. Those are believed to be the hands of the souls of the people who once upon a time accidently fell on the river or committed suicide. One fails to understand whether it is the hand of a real person or of a soul. It is very dangerous for fishermen. It is believed to be one of the dangerous places of the world.

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