Top 10 Most Beautiful Scottish Women

Scotland is famous for many things like amazing tourist attractions and very friendly locals. But recently, it has also become popular for the gorgeous Scottish women who have gained the spotlight in fashion and entertainment industry. This post is dedicated to these women. We are going to talk about the top 10 most beautiful Scottish women. Hopefully, you will agree with our list.

10. Laura McMonagle


She is a well-known celebrity in Scotland. But she got international recognition only after her role in River City. She played the character of Zoe. She also appeared as a high class hooker in the BBC soap. Laura is also known for her roles in Tonight You’re Mine (2011) and The Wee Man (2013). Besides being an actress, she is also a singer and a fashion model.

9. Kate Dickie


This gorgeous Scottish actress is the winner of several awards, like the BAFTA Scotland Award and the British Independent Film Award. She was born in 1971. She has played several roles in many different movies and series, but the most popular one is her role in the Game of Thrones. She played the role of Lysa Arryn. Her debut was in the film Red Road in which she played the role of Jackie, a security camera operator. She has also appeared in several stage plays.

8. Edith Bowman


She was born in 1974 and had a passion for music from the very beginning. She followed her passion and became a radio DJ. Being the host of the weekday afternoon show and the weekend morning show at the BBC radio made her really famous. After that, she also got into the television industry. She became presenter at many music related TV shows and award functions. Besides that, she is also a fashion model. She got married in 2013 and has two children.

7. Ashley Jensen


Born in 1969, she is a very popular TV actress and is well-known for her astounding beauty. She started her career as a replacement for the character Hilary in BBC comedy series May to December. After that, she played roles in several popular TV series such as ABC’s ‘Ugly Betty’ and CBS’s ‘Accidentally on Purpose’. She was even nominated for an Emmy for her tremendous role in the TV series Extras. She got married in 2005 and has three children.

6. Amy Macdonald


Amy is a very popular singer, not just in Scotland but in the world. She first came in the limelight after the release of album ‘This is the Life’ in 2007. Her voice was deeply admired around the globe. Two of the singles from this album were chart hits. Her second album, ‘The Curious Thing’ was released in 2011. The third and latest album of Amy is ‘Life is a Beautiful Thing’. This 28 year old singer and song writer has gained a lot of fame in a very short time.

5. Katie Leung


She is a well-known face due to her appearance in the globally famous series of movies, Harry Potter. She played the role of the first love interest and girlfriend of the lead character. Besides that, she has also done many TV shows. Her beauty is admired around the globe. She has won the Most Stylish Female title too.

4. Sandi Thom


Sandi is a very popular singer and actress. She first got recognition after the launch of Punk Rocker. What got her to the global level was her album Pink. Her another album “The Lily” also got international popularity. After appearing in several TV shows and launching even more singles, she has become a well-known celebrity around the world.

3. Jenni Falcover


Another TV presenter on our list is Jenni. She is the most popular hot blonde of Scotland. It’s not just her looks that got her the global fame, but also her intelligence. She has very smartly managed to get to the global stage in a very short time. Her show on GMTV, Entertainment Today was the first step to success.

2. Nicola Benedetti


Nicola is nothing short of a true genius. She was just 4 years old when she started her education in music from a top school in Great Britain. It did not take her much time to get to ninth grade and move to an even better institute. By the age of 12, she had already played as a soloist in London and Paris.

1. KT Tunstall


KT is an extremely gorgeous Scottish singer. And her voice is just as beautiful as she is. She has won several Brit Awards and has been nominated for Grammy many times. Her songs are used in various TV shows and movies, some of which are Will & Grace and Ugly Betty. Her most popular album is Drastic Fantastic.

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