Top 10 Most Beautiful Egyptian Women

In the past, Egyptian women are more like a mystery. Because religious policy, exotic Egyptian women cannot show out of their original beauty. Nobody dare to defy their national rules.
Since the 2011 after Egyptian revolution, women were finally allowed to vote in their country. As a result, there is now the top ten most beautiful Egyptian women list.

10.Arwa Gouda


Arwa Gouda is a world famous Egyptian model. From 2004-2006, she was named the world’s best female model. In addition to modeling, Arwa is also a respected actress. Her film credits include 2005’s El – El Haya Montaha – Lazza Hotel.

9.Wagdi Elham Wagdi


In 2009 Ilham who was appointed to Miss and beauty queen of Egypt and All over the world. In 2005 she was runner-up in beauty pageant of Miss Egypt. She represented her country models to join the world competitions, including Miss Intercontinental, Miss Earth, Miss Universe. Ilham like explore her creative ability through painting and dancing.

8.Hanan Turk


Hanan left her ballet and has become one of Egypt’s most famous actresses. At the age of 16 years old, she began to appear in the movie, starring Raghba Motawahesha. 2005 Duniyasu Hainan play a leading role, in which the title character played by Turk to fight for freedom of thought. In 2012 Hanan left her career, but continued as a member of worldwide charity in Islam.

7.Yara Naoum


In 2008 Yara Naoum is a famous crowned Miss Egypt. In addition to being an actress and interior shape designer, she is also working to develop shelters to rescue stray and abandoned animals. Yara Naoum married Egyptian footballer Ernat Moteab.

6.Nelly Karim


Karim resistant Lica is a very well rounded Egyptian actress, famous for belly dance and fashion icon. Even if she is a mother of four children, Nelly has always maintained her graceful figure.

5.Mona Abou Hamze


In the years of 2009, 2010 and 2011, Mona Lisa won the Golden Melody Award for best host, and was named the 2011 Best Preside of Lebanon. Showing off her creative side, Abou Hamze published poems called “Bila Hakaeb” in 2009. She was also selected as one of 2012’s most powerful Arab women, and was named as pop culture star.

4.Haifa Wehbe


After the first time winning Miss runner-up in the world, Haifa Wehbe has become the main representative of the Egyptian culture. In addition to being a model, she still has a successful singing career. In 2002, she released her debut pop album HOUWA El – Zaman follow the other three successful studio albums. She has been appointed as the list of 50 most beautiful people in People magazine. She also worked as a television show host.

3.Anaya Hayes


On stage, Anaya Hayes is probably the most talented people. Anaya began to sing when she was 6 years old. She likes her singing and dancing, but also she is a famous model.

2.Meriam George


Merriam George is an international representative of Egypt beauty. At age 18, in 2005, she was officially crowned Pantene Miss Egypt. She then took part in the Miss World contest in Egypt, as well as Miss Earth pageant. She is also the Miss Intercontinental contest in the semifinals, and has appeared in many magazines and television commercials since then.

1.Tara Emad


Tara Emad has epitomized the natural beauty of Egypt. She has a fresh face and an innocent look, she was nominated as young Miss Egypt in 2010. Since then, she has been popular on all over the catwalks and fashion magazines around the world. She is also developing her acting career to help her achieve the goal of becoming global brand.

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