Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries Worth Travelling In 2016

Famous travel magazine “Lonely Planet” recently selected the top 10 most beautiful countries worth travelling in 2016. Is there any one catch your mind?

10. Fiji


It is made up of 332 islands, because it is run through by 180 degrees longitude, Fiji is the world’s most eastern and most western countries. The blue sky and blue sea, coconut trees are almost into the clouds; White-sand beaches, coral reefs in the strange shapes, and colorful fish are all so attractive. Fiji can give you a very unforgettable experience.

9. Greenland


Since the ancient times, the Greenland is the domain of a myth. Explorers brought different legends from north which is full of ice and snow: the hairy dwarfs, magical unicorn, ice’s hometown and so on. The distant island became the source of all fantasy and mystery. In 2016, there will be the biggest arctic winter games in Greenland, don’t go right now, when?

8. Uruguay


Uruguay is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and stable social environment, known as the “Switzerland” in South America. Because its shape similar to gems and it is rich in purple crystal, it is known as the “Kingdom of Diamond”. Football in Uruguay is the first big domestic sports, produced numerous excellent players, have also made outstanding achievements, football fans should not miss this

7. Poland


Poland is one of the top ten tourism countries in the world, such as Historical Warsaw, the ancient capital of cracow, and charming town Auschwitz. Everywhere is full of different Eastern Europe amorous feelings. Wieliczka Salt Mine, Auschwitz, Bialowieza Forest and the ancient city of Zamosc and other 13 places were declared as “World Cultural Heritage” by United Nations.
In 2016, the polish city Wroclaw will be ready to run for the “European Capital of Culture.

6. Australia


Continent of Australia is the world’s most ancient continent, the mainland is also the planet’s largest island country and, known as “riding on the sheep’s back country”. In recent years, the falling oil prices and the Australian dollar continues to depreciate, which seems to be a good choice to go to Australia in 2016

5. Latvia


The Latvian’s capital, Riga is often hailed as the new Prague, because she followed the pace of Prague to uncover its mystery mask. The Art Nouveau buildings in the city are called best in the European. In 2014, she was selected as the Capital of European culture. A British writer Graham Greene who visited Rig wrote: “Riga, Paris of North

4. Palau


Palau is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, is one of best travelling destination for diving enthusiasts. In order to protect Marine ecological environment which is called “Serengeti”. Palau has set its national territory as sanctuary for all waters. Although it is a little bit uncomfortable to dive for long time in the ocean, the beautiful coral reefs, sea fish and the apse smooth shadow like the landscape of unreal dream will make you think it’s all worth it.

3. United States


The most classic travel routines is divided into west coast and the east sea coast, two islands of Saipan and Hawaii are also very popular. If you have enough time, it is a good idea to travel around America. There is a huge difference between north and south of United States. For example in winter, the temperature can drop into minus degrees in some areas, while in some places you can go bathing.

2. Japan


Tokyo, who won the right of host the 2020 Olympic Games, became a popular travel destination. If you don’t want to go to big cities like Tokyo, you can also choose to go to Kyoto maple and Hokkaido.

1. Botswana


Botswana is located in South Africa. On the vast grassland of Botswana, the wildlife gallop with full of freedom, and at here you can definitely have a closer experience with the pure nature, discover this mysterious continent and you will also feel the purity of mind that human is as part of the nature.

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