Top 10 Health Benefits Of Jackfruit And Its Seeds


Jackfruit is an amazing fruit that is found in South East Asia. It is thorny from the outside and really soft from the inside. It is also very sweet and delicious. Today, Vietnam and Thailand are its largest producers and exporters. The fruit is high on fiber and very low on fat. That’s why it is a great option for those on a diet. Besides being healthy, it is also very tasty. It is a great choice for jams and candies. It is also often cooked with spices and eaten as a fun dish. Cooked jackfruit looks and tastes pretty much like mutton. The seeds of this fruits are also quite popular. They are boiled and eaten like snacks in several countries.
If you take a look at the nutritional value of Jackfruit, you will find most of daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. It will give you a lot of energy for your work with little or no fat. Water occupies about 80% of this fruit, so that is a good thing too. With all these properties, the fruit gives you numerous health benefits. Some of them are enlisted below.

1) Free radicals are very bad for your health.

When oxygen reacts with certain types of molecules, a chain reaction starts and produces a lot of free radicals. This can speed up aging, increase wrinkles and even cause major problems like cancer. You need anti-oxidants to keep the count of these free radicals in control. Vitamin C is an amazing anti-oxidant and is found in jackfruit in large quantity. For every 100 grams of this fruit, you get 13.8 mg of Vitamin C. It might not seem much but is more than enough to keep you healthy.

2) When we need a high boost of energy

we look at protein bars and powders. Such products might give us the energy we need, but have many problems. People suffering from diabetes cannot use these options as they are very high in sugar. Even the non diabetic ones will put on fat if they use these products. There are very few natural foods that give the same energy without any side effects and jackfruit is one of them. Even diabetics can eat it without any problem.

3) Irregular blood pressure has become a very common health issue among men and women.

For some it is low, while for others it is very high. Potassium is a best thing for regulating blood pressure and jackfruit has got lots of it. Eat this fruit will cover 10% of your daily requirement of potassium. It will help you maintain optimum blood pressure and avoid heart related problems.

4) Whenever someone has to start dieting,they are asked to increase their fiber intake.

That’s why they are advised to eat lots of salad and raw vegetables. Fruits are also considered a very good option. All these things make a lot of roughage and help you lose fat. And it is not just about losing weight. Fiber is also helpful in improving your digestion. It reduces the load on organs of your digestive system and makes your whole body feel much lighter. Jackfruit contains an excellent amount of fiber.

5) Cancer occurs when the cells get damaged and start multiplying repeatedly and endlessly.

This can be avoided to some extent with the help of anti-oxidants. Jackfruit contains lots of anti-oxidants. It also helps is preventing and even treating piles. Due to the presence of high fiber it can be used to fight the symptoms of piles, like constipation.

6) The most common problem kids are facing nowadays is related to eyes.

Earlier a person used to get spectacles only after being 60 years old. Now however even the kids of age 6 years wear specs. This is the side effect of digital devices and improper nutrition. Vitamin A is considered to be the best option for improving eyesight. And carrots are the most popular source of Vitamin A. But jackfruit is also quite rich in this nutrient and thus can be very helpful in improving eyesight for both kids and adults.

7) Dust and pollution found so commonly in the major cities is not just bad for our lungs, but also for skin.

Spots, pimples and wrinkles have become quite common these days. The direct rays of UV light from the sun makes it even worse. Anti-oxidants found in jackfruit can be very helpful with that. The high quantities of water helps in keeping the skin moisturized.

8) Due to high intake of pizzas and burgers, kids these days have become very week.

The cases of asthma and many other types of allergies are increasing every year. But if you give boiled roots of jackfruit to your kids daily or even weekly, it will strengthen their immune system and will protect them from allergies.

9) Everybody knows that we should have strong bones and for that we need calcium.

Jackfruit has high content of calcium and several other nutrients like potassium that make your bones stronger, directly or indirectly.

10) Decrease in the number of hemoglobin or red blood cells (RBC) in your body is known as anemia.

It makes you weak and thus becomes the reason for several health related problems. Jackfruit can help you get your RBC count up and stay healthy. Also, the Vitamin C present in this fruit helps you.

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