Top 10 Foods To Improve Your Vaginal Health

It is not very hard to understand what types of foods are good for our stomach or eyes or any other part of our body. But for a woman it is really difficult to figure out what makes her vagina healthy. Also, it is not easy to discuss such a topic with other women. This makes the vaginal area prone to all types of fungal and bacterial infections. In recent years, the cases or urinary tract infections, yeast infections and all such problems have increased. These are not only inconvenient, but also very painful. If not treated in time and not avoided in the future many big problems can be coming your way.

The best way of keeping your vagina healthy is to take your personal hygiene seriously. Some of the steps you can take for that are to avoid using public toilets, taking bath regularly, not wearing sweaty clothes for long, etc. These are some precautions that are commonly known but not always practiced. Once you start to follow these steps, the chances of you getting any vaginal infection decrease significantly. But if you want your vagina to be completely healthy, you will have to manage your diet slightly. There is no a need to take any big drastic steps here. You will only have to start eating a few normal foods regularly. A list of these foods is provided below.



It is a favorite snack of most of the health conscious women. It is nutritious and has no fat at all. Besides that it also improves your digestive system. For your vaginal health, it provides you with the helpful bacteria that will regulate the pH of your vagina. Yeast infection is the most common vaginal problem. It occurs when there are not enough bacteria in the vaginal region to control the growth of yeast. If you eat yogurt regularly, you will never be out of this bacterium.

9.Cranberry juice


Drinking fresh fruit juice is never a bad idea. It is good for your health in many different ways. When talking about cranberry juice in particular, it can make your urine more acidic by affecting your bladder. This makes your vaginal region more acidic and thus balances the pH there. It prevents all kinds of bacterial and fungal infections.



If you are a mom, you must have to encourage your kids to eat more vegetables and avoid fast food. While doing that, keep in mind that the same applies for you too. The fresh vegetables will improve your health too. So, when you are offering more vegetables to your kids, pick up a spoon and start eating with them. This can even make your kids eat more vegetables.



It is one of the most beneficial vegetables but is not very popular. You can make a habit of adding small quantities of garlic in your food. It will soon start working its magic. However if you can eat it raw, that would be even better. Garlic can help you kill any yeast that is causing infection in your vaginal region. Besides that, it can prevent problems like cough too.

6.Nuts and seeds


Nuts like walnuts, almonds, etc and flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, etc can make your vagina much healthier. This not only prevents any infection, but also avoids dryness of vagina by giving you enough quantities of vitamin E. nuts and seeds also ensure that all the parts of your reproduction cycle run smoothly, without any issue.

5.Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

There are many nutrients that help you keep your vagina healthy, and vitamin A is one of them. It keeps the walls of uterine strong and also regulates the hormonal imbalance. Sweet potatoes are a great source of this vitamin A. They are often used as an alternate to the traditional potatoes. If you do the same, you will not have to worry about any infection.



It is great source of protein and many other nutrients. You can take it in the form of cooked dishes and soymilk. It gives you a decent amount of phytoestrogen that prevents vaginal dryness and keeps it lubricated. This can save you from several problems like bacterial and fungal infections. Soy can also be helpful in avoiding any issues during an intercourse.



Whenever a person is on a diet, avocado becomes one of her best options. It is good for your health for several reasons. In case of vaginal health, it can help in avoiding any infection. It contains potassium, vitamin B6 and healthy fats. All these things work towards making your vagina healthier by supporting its walls.

2.Fragmented foods


A vaginal infection does not occur when bacteria or yeast starts growing there. In most cases, these microorganisms are already present in a vagina and have a balance. When the yeast and bacteria lose this balance due to one of them being more and other less it causes an infection. Fragmented foods prevent this from happening by balancing the pH level as much as possible.



it is clearly among the most popular vegetables. You can add it regularly to your food in order to keep your vagina healthy. It can also be consumed through lemon water. It is not just good for your vagina, but for your whole body. If you are trying to lose fat, drinking lemon water daily can help you detox your body and thus make food processing more efficient.

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