Top 10 Digital Weather Station Reviews

A digital weather station can give you the complete weather report of your location in real time. It reads things like temperature and humidity, both inside and outside. It even gives you a forecast. If you like to stay up to date about the weather, you should definitely have this device. To help you find the best product for you, reviews of the most popular digital weather stations are given below. We will start from the one at the tenth rank and will move towards the first.

10. AcuRite 02027 color weather station 10buynow

It has a tabletop design that makes it suitable for a desk. The technology used in this device is quite advanced and gives an accurate reading. The self calibration feature allows it to pinpoint the temperature and humidity of any location. It keeps records of highest and lowest reading of the day, along with that of all time. You can easily make comparisons. It has the wireless range of up to 100 meters, which is more than enough for any purpose.

9. AcuRite 02007 color weather station



The display of this device is quite impressive. Bright colors are used to make it easy to read. The outdoor sensor makes use of strong wireless signals that give you a range of up to 100 meters. This means that you can get the reading from any corner of your house. You can customize the forecast settings of the device according to your preference. It also shows time and date.

8. AcuRite 75077 wireless weather station8buynow

This device has a very large display with big digits that make it extremely easy to read. The display is however black and white, so it is not that impressive. But those who just want an accurate reading will not have any problem. The time shown is synchronizes with the atomic clock, which means that it is accurate up to the tiniest fraction of second.

7. La Crosse WS-9160U-IT digital thermometer




It is not exactly a weather station as it only displays the temperature, but it will probably do the job. It is quite small in size and thus can be easily carried. The outdoor sensor has a range of up to 100 meters. The screen only displays the reading along with the time. It can be connected with up to three remote sensors.

6. Ambient Weather WS-1171B




It is an advanced weather station with four sensors that read temperature, pressure, humidity and dew point. It has a large screen that filled with all sorts of information about weather. Along with the digits, simple symbols are used to make the display easily understandable. The wireless sensors have a range of up to 100 meter in line of sight. It is best suited for those who want detailed report of the weather for professional purposes. It is synchronized with US atomic clock.

5. La Crosse 308-1414B forecast station




It has a pretty big screen that displays both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity side by side. Different colors are used to highlight important data. If you do not want to get into numbers, the visuals in the center of the screen tell you about the forecast. It keeps record of the max and min values. You can even set temperature alerts and alarms on this device. It is available in two different colors. It weighs only 1 pound.

4. AcuRite 02032CRM pro



This device can tell you a lot about the weather. It gives you temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed and rain. The advanced sensor is placed outside and the reading comes wirelessly you a small device with colored LCD screen. The data can even be downloaded to your computer. For that you will have to install the AcuRite app to your PC and connect it to the device.

3. La Crosse WS-8117U-IT-AL atomic wall clock




As the name suggests, it is a wall clock that is synchronized with the US atomic clock. It shows time that is accurate up to the smallest fraction of second. Along with time, it also displays both indoor and outdoor temperature with the help of an outdoor sensor. It also gives moon phase readings.

2. La Crosse wireless color weather station




The big colored screen of this device shows animated forecast to make it easily understandable by all. It tells your temperature and humidity with the help of a remote sensor. The wireless range is up to 300 feet.

1. La Crosse WS-7014CH-IT forecast station



This device is quite small in size and is very decent. The small screen with black and white display shows data to the point. The forecast is shown with the help of symbols. It gives you the information of indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature with great accuracy. The time is radio controlled and is synchronized with US at

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