Top 10 Deadliest Airplane Crush In The World

When MH370 lost contact with ground center, airplane crash became a topic concerned by many people. Airplane accidents draw people’s attention by their serious drama and destruction. Today we will introduce you 10 deadliest airplane crash in the world in order to remember those lives and pray for them and their families.

 10.New Zealand airline flight 901 crash – 257 people were killed


In the late 70’s, Air New Zealand made an antarctica tour flights. However, in November 1979, the New Zealand airlines flight 901 crashed into Booth mountain (Ross island, Antarctica), 237 passengers and 20 crew were dead.

Flight 901 of Air New Zealand started from Oakland international airport, and aim for sightseeing of Antarctica.

Initially, the catastrophe is thought to be caused pilot’s error, but further investigate shows that  path coordinates of the flight have changed and thus the drama happened. This is the most fatal plane crash in New Zealand and this is also the last airline flights of Antarctica tour.

9. Nigeria airlines Flight 2120 plane crash in Nigeria – 261 deaths


In July 1991, flight 2120 of the Nigeria airlines crashed in Nigeria.  Nigeria airlines flight 2120 is a flight from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to Sokoto in Nigeria. On July 11, 1991, the plane from abdul aziz international airport in Saudi Arabia caught a fire and crashed after takeoff. All of 261 people on board were killed which includes all the crew and passengers,. Many of the passengers are Muslim pilgrims who want to go to Mecca. After the crash, the investigate found that before takeoff, the team leader of plane technicians noticed that the pressure of the the second and the fourth tire is lower than the minimum standard, so he prepare inflate the tires, but nitrogen was not ready in advance which should fill into the tire. In the meantime, the project manager doesn’t want to delay the flight, so they ignore the existence of the problem, and dispatch the aircraft into the flight. When the aircraft during taxiing, the number two tire which is not inflated transfer load to the number one tire, which caused that number one tire seriously twists and turns, overheating, and structural weak.” “Number one tire already taxiing down before take-off “, Number two tire almost immediately malfunctioned as well. Tires stop the rotation after. The friction between the tires and the surface of runway generate enough heat to cause tire spontaneous combustion. Airplane unit realizes the plane’s problems, but they don’t know how serious it is. Because the plane did not equipped with a fire or overheat detection device at the wheels. The copilot’s discussions about the problem was input into the black boxes. He said “Our tires are broken, you found that?”

After landing gear back to room, “burning rubber was close to the hydraulic and electric power system components”, caused the failure of hydraulic and cabin pressurization system and structural damage to the aircraft, the plane went out of control at the same time. Judged by the U.S. national transportation safety board (NTSB) after the event, “if the pilots did not draw back the landing gear”, plane crash may be avoided.

8.Chinese international airlines flight 140 crashed – 264 deaths


In April 1994 in Nagoya of Japan, Chinese international airlines flight 140 crashed near the airport, airlines flight 140 is Chinese airlines starting from the Chinese Taipei Chiang kai-shek international airport (now Taiwan taoyuan international airport) to Nagoya airport (now Nagoya flight). On April 26, 1994, airbus A300 with the serial number B – 1816-622  performing this flight, carrying 271 passengers and crew member (include the pilot Wang Leqi, the co-pilot Zhuang MengRong and flight engineer). When it is delivery in Nagoya airport unfortunately destroyed, killed 264 people (153 Japanese passengers), only seven survived. The reason is the pilot’s error: co-pilot accidentally hit the “off” button, before landing, and they couldn’t correct the autopilot.

7. American airlines flight 587 Crashed, 265 people were killed


Two months after the disaster on September 11, 2001, American airlines flight 587 crash occurred. In November 2001, American airlines flight 587 which is from Kennedy airport in New York, shortly crashed in Queens after take-off. All 260 crew and passengers died. Initial judgement is that this is another terrorist attack, but further investigate found that it is pilot’s error caused fatal disaster. American airlines has changed its pilot training plan, in order to avoid the disaster in the future.

6. American airlines flight 191, 275 people were killed


In May 1979, American airlines flight 191 from Mr Hale in Chicago airport, crashed after a few moments. Engine in the left of the DC-10 dropped and the wing of the plane was serious damaged. This led to the most damaging accidental crash. In the United States, the plane crashed into an open field. The total of 275 people including all the passengers and crew members were killed. This is fourth deadly accidents since DC – 10 aircraft released, a total of 622 people died in these airplane crash of the four DC – 10 planes. This caused multiple media criticism. Report shows that when the accident occurred, the weather is good, and no birds group or other aircraft near the incident. Therefore, the investigation is focused on the parts of plane. Later, after several years research in various aspects, the conclusion is the aviation engine not in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the original factory maintenance. Aircraft maintenance must be step-by-step, does not take shortcuts to save time and money.

5. Saudi Arabian airlines flight 163 crash – 301 people were killed


Saudi Arabian airlines flight 163 is a scheduled flight of Saudi Arabian airlines flight, from Karachi, Pakistan to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. On August 19, 1980, a Lockheed Samsung L1011-200 type plane performed this flight, carrying 287 passengers and 14 crew, and report cargo compartment fire shortly after taking off from King Khalid international airport. Although the plane is successful turn-back, still a total of 301 people were dead on board. It’s the fourth deadly single plane crash in aircraft history, which is only ranked after the Turkish airlines flight 981 plane crash in 1974, 1985, Japan airlines flight 123 crashes and Indian airlines flight 182 plane crash.

4.Turkish airlines flight 981 crashed – 346 people were killed


In the suburbs of Paris in March 1974, 346 people died after the Turkish airlines flight 981 crashed. The back cargo of the airplane was drop off,  and the pilot of the plane can’t even control a bit. It is reported that this is due to design error, which was then corrected.

3. Saudi Arabian airlines collision with Kazakhstan airlines flight – 349 deaths


In November 1996, the airplane collision led to the deaths of 349 people. In Charkhi Dadri  (near new Delhi, India), Saudi Arabian airlines flight 763 had just taken off and crashed into Kazakhstan airlines flight 1907. The two planes crashed and disaster survey found that Kazakhstan pilots cannot communicate in English. The most important reason is the airport provides the same path for all arrival and departure planes without the proper software to support.

2. Japan airlines Boeing 747 sr crash – 520 deaths


Japan, the flight from Tokyo to Osaka in August 1985, a terrible mechanical failure on the plane killed 520 people in the disaster. Boeing 747 sr crashed into two ridge of the high mountain created history in Japan, as the most lethal crash in the history. The researchers found that a few years ago, the plane has been damaged, but unable to repair. Tokyo international airport opened a center of airplane safety, because of this disaster.

1. Royal Dutch airlines and Pan Am tenerife crash – 583 deaths


Royal Dutch airlines and Pan Am tenerife plane crash, also known as the Canary airplane crash. In the evening of March 27,1977, two Boeing 747 aircraft collided each other with high-speed on the runway in Division Roddy’s airport of the canary islands , which lead to the tragedy of death of 583 passengers and crew on board. If the ground personnel casualties are not counted, this is the deadliest plane crash before 911 aviation accidents.

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