Top 10 Biggest Church In The World

Church is a place of worship for Christians but its doors are open for people of all religion. A church shouldn’t be compared with other because all of them are holy and divine, no matter whether it is small or large. But nevertheless, some churches are breathtaking in terms of architecture and grandeur. Architects have taken centuries to build these churches and they are the seat of art and culture. So here is a list of 10 Bigest Church in the World that is surely going to take your breath away with their grandness and beauty.

1. St. Peter’s Basilica


St. Peter’s Basilica is undoubtedly the largest church in the world and is also most important in terms of religious significance. It is here that world’s first pope St. Peter died and his body is present in its catacombs. It also contains tombs of famous kings and saints. Its huge dome has been designed by none other than the maestro Michelangelo. Covering over 5 acres area, this grand structure is a blend of Baroque and Renaissance style.

2. Basilica of The National Shrine Of Our Lady Of Aparecida


Basilica of the National Shrine of our Lady of Aparecida in Brazil is the most important pilgrimage centre for Marian pilgrims. Covering an area of 12000 sq m, it is the second largest church in world and has astounding housing capacity for over 45 thousand people. It has a dome which is 70 meters high and its towers are as high as 102 meters.

3. Seville Cathedral


Seville Cathedral in Seville, Spain, has an area of 11,520 sq meters and is third largest church in the world. It has been identified by UNESCO as a world heritage site. It is also famous as it houses the body of great explorer Christopher Columbus. Its vast interior is decorated with gold and has 42 wooden carvings depicting scenes from life of Jesus.

4. Cathedral of St. John the Divine


Cathedral of St. John the divine in New York is a blend of Roman and Gothic style of art and was started being constructed by Christopher Grant and George Heins. It covers an area of 11,200 sq meters and is nicknamed The Unfinished as its construction began in 1892 but yet remains unfinished with World War II and a fire incident in 2001 halting its construction.

5. Milan Cathedral


Milan Cathedral is the biggest church in the Italy and the world’s and 5th largest church. Its construction began in 1386 and its construction duration expands over 6 centuries. When it was finally completed in 1965, it became the most magnificent example of Gothic style church. With a total area of 10,186 sq meters, this cathedral houses Archbishop of Milan’s seat.

6. Basilica of our Lady of Lichen


Basilica of Our Lady of Lichen is Catholic Church in Poland. It is commemorated to the Queen of Poland and hence the name- Our Lady of Sorrows. It is the largest church in Poland and sixth largest in the world in terms of area. Its speciality in architecture is that it has 365 windows signifying days in a year and 52 doors, signifying weeks in a year.

7. Liverpool Cathedral


Liverpool cathedral in Liverpool is world’s seventh largest church with an area of 9687 sq meters. It is also world’s second longest church with length of 189 meters. It has the seat of Bishop of Liverpool. It also has one of the world’s tallest bell towers with 68 meter height. It is a grand piece of architecture built in Gothic style.

8. Church of the Most Holy Trinity


Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Portugal is a Roman Catholic Church and its construction finished as recently as 2007. Built only with donations, it is the world’s eighth largest church with an area of 8,700 sq meters. It is dedicated to the holy trinity and its artwork is inspired from Byzantine and is built by Alenxandros Tombazis, a Greek architect. The church has a housing space for over 9,000 worshippers.

9. Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar


Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar is a beautiful church in Zaragoza, Spain. It is the ninth largest in the world, but what makes it beautiful is its spectacular view from across the Ebro River. Designed in Baroque style, it is said that it was the first church to have been dedicated to Mother Mary.

10. Cathedral of St. Sava

Cathedral of St. Sava in Serbia is the burial place of St. Sava and is a huge architecture that marks the Belgrade skyline with its 70 meter high dome. Each of the domes has gold plated crosses on them. Its construction was finished in 1989 and it has a total area of 8162 sq meter making it the world’s tenth largest church.

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