Top 10 Best Xbox Wireless Controllers Reviews In 2016

Xbox 360 possesses vast gaming fans over the world. It is not only because they are technology experts, but also the great compatibility as well as versatility are provided to both experienced and new gamers. It is also quite durable and provides high quality image. Therefore, there are so many third party willing to produce accessories for this great game platform. Having a great Xbox wireless controller is one of important factors that affects your gaming experience. Here are our top picks from the market, you will be easily find out which one is best and suitable for you.

10.Xbox 360 Wireless Controller – Glossy Black



This controller is top rated and best selling product on the market nowadays. In addition, looking at the its price, I would say it is quite“cheap xbox 360 controller”. I didn’t expect this high quality product can be so inexpensive. And once you buy it, you will get an powerful accessory which adopt the 2.4GHz wireless technology and can response with 30 feet range. It is using battery as main power and you will gain the vibration feedback while using it during the game. It is an innovative controller.

9.Xbox 360 Turbo Fire 2 Wireless Controller with Rumble



This is another best xbox 360 controller that you should consider to buy. It comes with various innovative features that most of their customers love it. Its case adopts high quality plastic material which makes it extra durable and ergonomic. It is also containing well made buttons with LED light which can be illuminated in the dark light condition. Its dual rumbles can stimulate the real playing environment which add more fun and gaming experience while using it. In addition, it also features great wireless design and say goodbye to those lengthy and annoying wires.

8.Xbox 360 Chrome Series Limited Edition Wireless Controller – Red



If you are looking for best xbox 360 controllers for sale, then this series of limited edition controllers of Microsoft is well worthy checking out. It is a versatile and easy to use controllers you can find on the market. It is great for both fast and slow action games. And the ergonomic design will give you the best comfort gaming experience. The handle is also well designed without slipping during game.

7.MICROSOFT B4F00014 Xbox 360



This is another great xbox controller for sale. Microsoft B4F00014 can response within 30 feet and own a powerful 40 hours battery usage. It is also ergonomic designed and easy to use. Due to the high end wireless technology, you will no long worry about the annoying wires.

6.GREEN GLOW in DARK Xbox 360 Game Controller



Most gaming controllers available on the market are using plastic as their basic material. However, this great controller theme with different bright color is made of high quality silicone. This controller is quite durable and well designed to fit for most models of Xbox consoles. And another great feature worth mentioning is the build easy to wash and clean for those who like sweating during the game.

5.Xbox One Special Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller



This is quite durable and top performance game controller which can bring you with vivid game experience. It is also a compact and space saving controller that you can bring it easily while journey. The vibration feedback design delivers great experience while gaming especially for action game. When you engage in the action game, no matter you are in the scene of shooting, crashing, or any vibration condition, you will feel its strong stimulating ability,

4.Xbox Cordless Precision Controller By Logitech



Logitech is trust-worthy company that produces so many high quality electronic products. If you decide to choose this one, you won’t go wrong. It is well designed for easy using and quite durable for long time to use. It is also a powerful 2.4GHz wireless controllers which connect to your game console easily and steadily. This controller also provides accurate vibration feedback without lag and thus is popular for many game lovers.

3.Xbox One Special Edition Forza Motorsport 6 Wireless Controller



No matter you are a novice or a professional gamer, this is an great and high quality controller you should not miss out. It is durable and ergonomic designed for the best gaming experience of their customers. In addition, this one is going to save you lots of money compare the similar quality products. It is quite affordable if you are short of money temporarily. The overall construction of the controller is great and durable. The well placed buttons will work for long time without malfunction and losing sensitivity as time pass.

2.Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with Transforming D-Pad and Play and Charge Kit – Black



No doubt this is another high quality and easy to use controllers on the market. It features with chargeable cable for 35 hours using by each charging. It also has powerful 2.4GHz wireless technology allowing 30 feet response. You can also use 4 of them at the same time with one console. In addition, its transforming D pad is able to be rotated easily to fit for gameplay, which give you the best accuracy experience.

1.Full Qwerty Text Chat Messaging Pad Chatpad Keyboard for Xbox 360 Live Games Controller



Actually this is not a gaming controller, but I do want to recommend it because it is also great product receiving many positive reviews and it do accelerate and ease your using a game controller. With its compact design, you can easily enter both numbers and letters. And it is also compatible for both wireless or wired controllers.

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