Top 10 Best Xbox One Indie Games


Microsoft’s Xbox One console gets on for 2 years old today, in terms of the lifespan of the generation it is only actually just getting into its stride.
That development process that was growing is shown by the excellent games now accessible to the -appearing machine as well as by Microsoft’s show-stopping event as of this year’s E3.
Therefore, if you have got an Xbox One and would like to learn which one is best game to play for our generation, then you find right place , we have got you covered.


Ashencan be an action RPG of a wanderer in search of the place to call home. There’s no sun as well as the natural light comes from eruptions. It is a world where nothing lasts, however closely you cling to it. At the’ core, Ashen is about inventing relationships. Players may lead those

2) Clash

Clash is aquick paced, four-player fantasy arena combatant. Highly commended by business professionals, Clash is about enjoyment with friends and family. The game’s primary focus would be to get the better of friends and family in a sofa gaming manner. Each player has 2 battle options: a sprint attack along with a magic shield. There are four distinct game modes which have distinct objectives for players.

3) Cuphead

Cuphead is firearm platformer and one player or co op run, greatly dedicated to boss battles. Inspired by 1930s shows, the visuals are hand-drawn and tattooed and the music is really all first jazz recordings. Cuphead & learn strong superb moves Mugman traverse unexpected worlds, get new weapons, and discover mysterious secrets in story.

4) The Deer God

Deer God is abreathless 3D pixel art experience that can challenge platforming abilities and the player’s faith. It is a game about karma, reincarnation, and survival; all place in exceptional and a breathless 3D pixelized world. The player will enjoy a feast of their eyes on vast landscapes, day as well as night systems, and the lovely illumination. DWELL AS A DEER. LIVE LIKE A DEER.

5) Glitchrunners

Glitchrunners is a disorderly local multiplayer game by which players break into deserted videogames to snitch from the Architect – a contractor of game worlds who’ll do anything is necessary to safeguard their development. With Xbox SmartGlass, players may become the Architect and take entire charge of the world- unleash particular powers within the race to get their friends or throw automobiles, failure buildings!

6) The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Youthful Van Helsing and fight hordes of creatures in this Gothic Action RPG and his company Lady Katarina must resolve Borgovia’s black battles.

7) Source

Source – investigate conflict ferocious creatures while always seeking energy that is life sustaining, solve mind bending puzzles, and vast worlds.

8) Tacoma

Discovery. Quest. Isolation. What’s real life 200,000 miles from Planet? Discover the mysteries held Tacoma’s crew and by Lunar Transfer Station it, residing in the border of mankind’s reach. Tacoma, the following game from the originators of Gone Home. First to release on console of  Xbox One.

9) Twin Souls: The Trail of Shadows

In Twin Souls: The Trail of Shadows and the ability of Shadow Control you play as Aragami, undead warrior. Summoned by a cryptic girl caught in an occupied city, Aragami must participate in a shadowy journey to Yamiko that is free from her penitentiary. Teleport between shadows, produce your own areas of darkness and assassinate your targets, as you advance you have to sneak past guards.


VIDEOBALL is an activity for the television. VIDEOBALL distills the core aspects of real time strategy, football, soccer, and shooting games into a team sport which is ,after an apocalypse , deep enough to televise and easy enough to play at a kid ‘s birthday. Choose one of 35 stadiums and customize the guidelines in local multiplayer for as many as six players. Play with a buddy or alone in Arcade Mode.

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