Top 10 Best Workout Towers Reviews

There is no need to say that how important working out for people’s health. Physical exercises is great way to loose weight, keep you in shape and maintain cardiovascular health of your body. All in all, it can help you a lot in multiple aspects. One the best choice to enhance your working out plan is buying a high quality workout tower, which is easy to use and quite effective to build your health. Here a top 10 lists on market about the best workout towers you can choose.

10. Weider Power Tower



This power tower is featured by total black color and with comfortable padded hand grips to make your exercises easy and convenient. It provides multi-grip pull up levels to enhance your muscles of back and arms. The tower is about 7’6″ tall. Install took about 2 hours around and instructions were very clear to follow. If you are looking for a sturdy and strong equipment, then this one is definite right for you.

9. Stamina 1690 Power Tower




If you have strict requirements on your working out equipments, then this is the unit that you should give a look. The featured comfortable foam and secure foam hand grip meets different requirements of exercises. Stamnia is company founded in 1987 and with many years’ experiences, they create top level product on the market.

8. Bowflex BodyTower



This tower station provides you brand new concept of working out process. With the featured EZ-adjust bars, you can easily perform different types of exercises, different intensity requirements, and get better results for your fitness plan. It contains both hand grips and sling straps which offer larger range of choices than many other towers. The commercial grade steel ensure your fitness in stable and secure environments forever. This is just nice unit to recommend to you.

7. Body Vision PT600 Power Tower



This power tower provides you plenty of ab crunching and enhancement workouts choices This power tower can let you enjoy different exercise program. The back and arm are all padded and the base is sturdy set up which can place to anywhere.

6. Amber Sporting Goods Space Saver VKR Workout Tower



This one is designed for workout of heavy duty. This brand can create really high quality product and this VKR tower is a hero of space saving with 2-3/8 inch steel. You can finely place it to a small room or basement. While using this machine, you don’t need to worry about safety and stability with anti-slip foot caps. This tower also provide their users with expert grade 3-stage working out system. You can easily performance many workout plans, like chin-up, pull-up, and toning the chest. This is a quite cost-effective and high capacity equipment worth owing.

5. Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower



This is a really nice product from both its looking and its functions. You could see from the picture above, the overall silver themed combined with stylish black which makes it looks really professional and suitable for modern house. Moreover, the unique steel design make it really bear heavy-duty and quite durable and stable. It is also designed to prevent rust and corrosion-resistant.

This power tower also provide you many fitness practice choices, for instance, you can improve your upper body strength or enhance your arms by using pull-up station. The complete equipment are well-made and sturdy. Padded ultra-wide arms give you better comfort and supporting and you can also obtain a warranty from the manufacturer.

4. XMark Fitness XM-4432 Power Tower with Pull-up Station




If you have a limit budget but still looking for a power tower that can give you better workout experience, then you should consider with this one. It is easy to install and assemble together and you don’t need spend too much on it. Plus, this is a equipment suitable for multi-purpose: enhancing upper body or enhancing lower body. It is designed both durable and space saving that you can use it in a small room without any trouble. All in all, this one is affordable and quite durable.

3. Weider 200 Power Tower



 This one is hot product that helped tons of people keep body in shape and healthy in their life. And thus it get best feedback on the market. It is cost-effective, stable and easy to use, easy to assemble together. This tower also provide you with padded hand grips that make your workout quite comfortable and efficient. Moreover, the pull-up station and push-up station are also well padded to ease enhancing your shoulders, triceps and muscles of chest. Totally, this is easy to set up and need less space.

2. Body Champ VKR1010 Power Tower



Body Champ VKR1010 is one of the best reputable brand on working out market. It is four staion fitness machine that fit for most body sculpting purposes. Such us by using the vertical knee raised system, you are able to be easily to perform exercises and it does help a lot to enhance your muscles.  The pulling bar also helps build your arm, back and shoulders. The push up bar as well as dip station are also quite good choice to tone the arms, develop chest muscles and enhance your upper body. The size of overall machine is 58.5*46.5*83 inches. It is not big but stable and easy to set up or disassemble.

1. XMark XM-4434 Power Tower



 Another nice product from XMARK, it is a top performance working out equipment fit for both man and woman. It is designed with narrow wide grip which makes it suitable for small space and you don’t need worry about space occupation at your home. It is also quite stable, secure, and easy to use. Padded with arms to give better comfort. Sturdy steel frame gives better support to a large range of body weight. For your best safety purpose, this workout machine use rubber cover the four ends of supporting bars. Many details are put into this machine to make it as most effective, durable, and perfect for home use.

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