Top 10 Best Wire Stripping Machine Reviews

Stripping wire with knife and razor blade can be an old method used by many people but it is very tiresome and may cause injury. The use of wire stripper, instead, is handier, fast and effective. Here are ten best machines that will help you strip wire in no time.

10. Manual Copper Wire Stripping Machine



This amazing 10 inch high and around 7 inch wide machine is fantastic when it comes to stripping the copper wire. The new patented features of this tool are unique in themselves. The wire and its insulation are separated in one go which makes the work even faster with this double speed tool. Also, the advantages include that the wire gets straightened and aligned as it is stripped. The one useful attachment that comes with this tool is a blade sharpening jig which sharpens the blade in no time with accurate angle set every time the blade is sharpened.

9. SDT WRA15 Automatic Scrap Copper Wire Stripping Machine Drill or Manual Handle



A machine worth every penny that you spend to buy it as it is automatic machine which can strip wire as thin as 3mm to as thick as 25mm. There is an option of mounting to your bench or any surface that you work on. The speed is great with a capacity of removing insulation from minimum 450 inches of wire in a minute. The machine could be used as manual when just mounted and can be converted into an automatic one when attached to a drill.

8. Handheld Copper Wire Stripper Tool



This handheld tool is unique as it gives you the freedom to use local made blades that are available in the market. Carrying it easy and can strip from 24 AWG to 3/64 gauge wire. The machine is best suited to strip all kinds of Romex such as cords and coax. The packaging will include a premium blade installed in the handheld stripper. You could plainly carry it in your pocket as it weighs just 5 pounds and is 1.8*2*3.2 inches in dimension.

7. STP 1000# Wire Stripper Tool Machine Portable Stripping Copper




This useful tool could be used to strip wire from either rubber casing or one made of plastic but the wire should be undamaged. The wire you strip in this machine could be anything like old new or unsalvaged one. The tool can be installed by bolting it to any surface which is sturdy in the workstation or garage. This makes it easier to use. The good quality carbon steel blades which make it useful in stripping different gauge wires effectively.

6. Hardin WS-1270 Manual Cable and Wire Stripper




This tool is useful in stripping any wire shapes which includes the types like Romex, square, parallel and triangle insulation. The sizes of the wires that can be stripped also have a wide range of 24 AWG to 7/8 inch. The unique feature of this tool is that you could adjust the blades and rollers according to your needs. You can remove both the outer and inner insulation from the wire. The weight of the machine is approximately 2 pounds which makes it easy to handle.

5. CopperMine Manual Crank & Drill Operated Copper Wire Stripping Machine




This is highly efficient tool as it has adjustable wire clamps which prevent the wires which are thin and soft from escaping the blade making your work more efficient and less time consuming. The wires that can be stripped using this tool either solid or stranded and may range from 18AWG to 1250kcm or in other words diameter ranging between 3/32” to ½” the features like close cut wire guide for smaller wires and adjustable wire guide for Romex and larger wires make the work easy and fast at the same time.

4. WL-100 Manual Wire Stripping Machine Copper Stripper



It is a good buy for the price you have to pay for this easily mountable tool. The blade is adjustable and the range of wires it can strip is good too. The adjustable screws let you fit in wires of varying sizes the smallest being 14 AWG. Blades can be sharpened easily and any table corner can be used to mount this helpful tool or it could be chosen to be mounted permanently too depending on your preference.

3. Seatek SA200SK Strip-All Cable & Wire Stripper with Wire Stripper



This handheld device is useful for stripping plenum, category 3&5, computer and communication cables, line cords, Romex (flat or round), coax, twisted jacketed cables and many other cables. All in all it is master of all the wire stripping. it has surgical type blade to cut through any insulation and that too accurately due to the micrometer dial. it can straight (up to 5/8”) cut as well as ring cut (up to 1/2”) and as small as 1/8”. The packaging includes A-201 adapter, a calibrated micrometer dial and a folding knife blade. Also, a spare blade is provided. Thus this machine is worth a try for the cost it is available in.

2. SDT WRM35 Manual Scrap Copper Wire Stripping Machine



This industrial wire stripping machine is bench top mountable and has to be operated manually. Weighs around 46lbs and has 10 channels of cutting wheels and blades to make it efficient and quick. The safety has been taken into full consideration and so the blades have been fully guarded. It can strip 34AWG to 1.5” wire or 34 gauge telephone wires to 750 industrial wires. Also it is capable of stripping Romex wire. This machine is mainly for the works that are of industrial level have to be done in bulk and with time constraints.

1. StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine




This industrial grade wire stripper strips all size of wire ranging from 14 gauge to 20 MCM including the other types like Romex and braided wires. The blades and fit is of high quality- best among all the other models. There is special provision of a Romex slot making it more efficient and time saving automatic wire stripper. The aluminum body weighs just 3.8 pounds and is easy to handle. Also it comes with one year warranty with the availability of replacement blades on payment.

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