Top 10 Best Windshield Wipers in 2016 Reviews

Having a high quality windshield wiper is not only convenient for using in the rainy or snowing days, but also it will keep you safe during driving time. The windshield wipers can easily remove the ice, snow, and water from your windshield, and you can get the optimum visibility while driving. Therefore, it is quite important that you can find a good one. Today we are going to share you with these top performance products for you.

10.Bosch 26A ICON Wiper Blade – 26″ (Pack of 1)



This is an advanced windshield wiper you can find on the market. It is designed for high quality and durable using for their customers. The fx rubber it use is heat and deterioration resistant which is proven to be 40 percent longer time than most of other products. The unique beam design makes it functional even in the extremely hard weather condition for your maximum visibility. In addition, it is quite easy to install with your original adapter.

9.Rain-X Weatherbeater Wiper Blade, 22″ (Pack of 1)



This powerful wiper from Rain-X provides multiple benefits for their customers. It features with overall steel frame for long lasting use and resistant to rust and corrosion. Its squeegee rubber can keep in good form no matter in extremely weather condition , cold, hot, dry, wet and so on. With its pre-installed hook design, you can easily install it and it is almost fit for all cars or trucks.

8.Rain-X 5079282-1 Latitude Wiper Blade – 28″ (Pack of 1)



Rain-X 5079282-1 is well designed product which features many excellent characters for their customers. It is designed with exposed metal parts for the maximum capacity of removing the ice and snow which is build up on your windshield. The unique technology for graphite coated rubber make the wipe quite smooth and free of chattering. It is also easy to install with the j-hook adapter.

7.ANCO 31-Series 31-14 Wiper Blade – 14″, (Pack of 1)



This wiper blade is from Anco and it provides so many benefits for their customers. It features with advanced design for resistant of hard weather condition and the OE style spoiler gives the best contact between the wiper and the windshield for best visibility. In addition, It is attached with element DuraKlear-Plus to make your wiper free from steak.

6.Bosch 19B ICON Wiper Blade – 19″ (Pack of 1)



Bosch 19B features with high quality durable rubbers which can resistant heat or any different extremely hard weather condition. Its flexible asymmetric spoiler adds more stability even when your vehicle at the high speed. It is also easy install.

5.OEM QUALITY 24″ + 22″ AERO Premium All-Season Frameless Windshield Wiper Blades



Another nice product features many premium characters that customers are content with. It is constructed with durable material for long lasting usage. And the rubber is specially blended for the best user experience. Its unique design of aerodynamic will greatly reduce the noise and drag.

4.Trico 25-280 Force High Performance Beam Blade – 28″



This is hot selling product on the market for its multiple benefits provide to their customers. Its unique shape design makes the wind force as support element for maximum contact with windshield. The specially treated rubber gives you a smooth and quiet wiping experience. It is easy to install and available for lengths from 14 inches to 28 inches.

3.Bosch 40326 SteelTech Wiper Blade – 26″ (Pack of 1)



This is a cost effective product you can find on the market. With a few bucks, you can own a extremely new driving experience provided by this compact wipe blade. It features with graphite treated rubber for reducing the noise and drag while wiping. Also the installation is quite easy with their patented technology.

2.Refresh Windshield Wiper Blade-22″ (Pack of 1)



There are many different sizes available to choose for this wiper blade. You can use this wiper for the year. It features with extra accurate design which can stick to your arced window as much as possible. The specially treated rubber can sustain any hard weather condition. In summary, this is good quality product you can count on.

1.Trico 12-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade, 12″ (Pack of 1)



This wiper blade is designed for ROC Loc 2 arm. It is assembled in factory and available for using when you purchase it. You don’t need additional adapter for it. With one step installation, you will like it for its simplicity.

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