Top 10 Best Ways To Make You Sleep Soundly


Nothing is more quickly stifle your efficiency than a bad sleep in the night. Studies have shown that although the Americans achieved a high productivity, but it is at the expense of sleep as the price. Yawns employees are not only apathetic, but also can not make a rational decision. Their attention can not be focused on the task, and also can not even maintain friendly mood at the office.

In fact, there are many ways to deal with insomnia and improve sleep quality, like using of naps to restore energy and so on. Now, we have 10 kinds of the most popular and effective ways to help you sleep soundly.

10. Reduce the time of watching television or computer screen

If you stop watching the computer or TV before going to sleep, you’ll sleep better. Recent studies show, before bedtime, if people who have contact with electronic media (eg: staring at a backlit screen look) have the same sleep time as those who have not contact electronic media, they still have less sleep quality.

9. Do exercises toenhance sleep quality

Of course you already know that exercise good for your health and a night’s sleep soundly is one of the benefits. But the workout must be carried out in the morning or afternoon, rather than at night, so you can feel its benefits when you dream.

8. By eating to improve sleep

Some foods are more beneficial than others to get a good night’s sleep. Of course you already know that these foods include warm milk, chamomile tea and turkey, but “Yahoo! Gourmet” also listed other sleep aids food, such as bananas, potatoes, oatmeal, whole wheat bread. Have you found your eyelids kept fighting in the office at afternoon because of sleepy? There’s some hints indicated us to eat some food to avoid sleepy.

7. Control well your naps

With some large companies installed in the office of the “sleep compartment”, using “charge lunch” applications software to arrange appropriate auditory and visual environment, the benefits of the classic 20 minutes “recharge lunch” gradually get more and the more people recognized.

6. Avoid using the alarm. The buzz ringing will drive people to distraction

No one wants to be awakened in the morning after the annoying beeps of an alarm, but if the alarm sounds lighter, some people simply do not hear. Lifehacker readers have recommended to use dual clock radio system hit the buzzer:

Put one clock on your nightstand, the other one is on another place of the room, but make sure they are in sync. The clock on the nightstand set to, for example, if you need to get up at 6:30 in the morning, you can set the time to that. I connect this clock to the radio equipment, and ensure the sound is loud enough to wake me up, but not too much (I don’t want wake up my wife). The second alarm clock on the dresser is provided by only one minute later, but I have to use that pesky bee bell. So, when the alarm sounded in the morning, it will not be like the bee bell-like scared me and driven me to distraction. So, I know I have about 60 seconds before getting up and hear a buzzing sound of the other alarm which should be turned off within one minute. At that time, I had to get up, instead of hearing the annoying bee ringtones.

5. Solve problems during sleep

Are you struggled to think of a difficult choice or question? Or fall into the quagmire of a lack of creativity? Or you have limits during the period of creating something? Or you are experiencing a tough time when try to resolve a quite difficult problem? Studies have shown that, Closing eyes for a moment will help you solve problems and make decisions on difficult choices and problems.

4. Use imagine to beat insomnia

There is no worse thing than lie in bed awake all night, watching the time slip away by clock ticks. You also know that the next day you will become a zombie people. When your sleepy insomnia strikes the limit, you can use the customize meditation techniques to calm your mind. Ryan Irelan provided with “Blue Spirit” method to beat insomnia.

3. Knock with spoon to interrupt long time sleep of lunch time

Artist and good nap Salvador Dali had a very interesting nap technique: When he go to sleep, his body is already in a rest. The following is his method:

You can lie down or sit in a comfortable chair, then you can hold a spoon with your fingertips. You should keep this in mind: when you lose consciousness (fall asleep), the spoon will fall. The clank while spoon falling will wake you up (you have to put a platter beneath your hand on the floor). So that when you enter the dream, you can wake up at once. Also, taking a bunch of keys will produce the same effect.

2. Try to use caffeine to help siesta

Do you need a strong sober approach to overcome your sleepy? You can drink a cup of coffee and then take a fifteen minutes’ nap, to reboot your brain so that they can be activated again.

1. Teach yourself how to come out from a dream

Last night you had a nightmare? When that happens, you should tell yourself that you are dreaming, do not be swayed by a dream. Perhaps you can learn from dream and make you more likely to control the affect of the dream brought.

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