Top 10 Best Way To Remove Heavy Metal From Your Body

Many of us have heard that heavy medals can generate many negative effects on our health and longevity. For heavy medals, like lead, aluminum, and mercury can easily accumulate in our bodies as time pass. And they are potential harmful factors to cause many types disease for our health, such as heart disease, dementia, thyroid problems and so on. What you need is trying to keep in mind of some common sense of how to remove heavy metal from your body as today’s list we are going to share with.

10.Drink more purified water


Our bodies is made up by 65% water and if the deficiency of the water happens, then you will have many bad consequences. Water is a powerful object that can help every cell in your body to get rid of harmful stuff and help us to excrete toxics through urine and bowel and also through the sweat on our skin.

9. Eat Fermented Foods


It is not well known that the gastrointestinal bacteria or probiotics can remove the heavy metal from our bodies. And the fermented foods is rich in these microorganism. It is very healthy that you can include this kind of food in your diet to promote these beneficial bacteria to help remove heavy metals in your body.

8.Have enough amount of vitamins and minerals


The best detox way of our bodies is not only to eliminate toxins or harmful foods, but also we need to have enough amount of vitamins or minerals to make our body function as much as it possible. There are huge kinds of fruits or vegetables can provide you with these necessary nutrients such as carrots, avocado, orange, citus, and so on. Maybe you still feel that you can not get the right amount of vitamins, then you can try some multivitamin supplement.

7. Improve your diet


At daily life we are not so easy to take too much attention on what we have eaten. But in order to remove heavy metal effectively, we must improve our diet habits. If you want to have nature detox, it is not the only way that you can only eat raw fruits or vegetables. You can just cut those unhealthy food in your diet and you can start to cut grain with gluten, dairy food, meat or shellfish. And the easiest way is search online what kind of food is most harmful regarding heavy metal.

6. Take more Polyphenols


Polyphenols are well know for their functions in anti-cancer and combating cardiovastcular disease. But they also help enhance production of a antioxidant enzyme—metallothionein, which is functioning as the detoxifying and metabolizing factor to heavy metal.

5. Eat more sulfur rich food


In our body there is an primary antioxidant – Glutathione, which the key factor in purging our bodies of heavy metals. They attachés the heavy metals and flush these metals out through liver or kidneys. The sulfur rich food can greatly boost the activity of Glutathione. And there are many these types of food, such as watercress, Brussels sprouts, garlic, onions.

4. Eat more cilantro


Cliantro helps because it can attach itself to the heavy metals and flush out of our body through kidney or liver. Although there isn’t enough studies on effectiveness of cilantro helping heavy metal detoxing, still many people get benefits from consuming it. For better detoxification result, you can drink a cilantro smoothie every morning.



Sports are a good way to help you get rid of heavy metal. By sweating during exercises, you can easily to eliminate the heavy metal in seconds. According to the study, sweating is the main method of body excreting, urine and blood are the other less effective way to remove.



Sauna bathing is a very popular and effective way to help you get rid of heavy metals. For better result, it is always suggested to take a longer sauna session in order to mobilize and remove heavy metals from your body. But you need to be careful about these sessions avoiding any discomfort. Saunas has better effect on removing mercury and lead from our bodies.

1.Eat more fibers


Fiber can help boosting our liver to easily flush heavy metal out of our body and they are also good for maintaining good level of blood sugar. Food with high volume of fibers are vegetables, potatoes, whole grains, and so on.

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