Top 10 Best Water Softener Reviews In 2016

Water softeners will convert the hard water into soft water and boost the longevity of plumbing equipment by curtailing scale deposition in the pipelines, dishes, coffee makers and other household equipment. Moreover, this water would be readily used for drinking, cooking, washing, and bathing happily. Below are a few water softening equipment that are available in the market.

10. ScaleBlaster SB-75 Water Conditioning System



This high quality water conditioning system will remove the minerals present in the hard water by converting the water to soft water. This conditioning system can be happily used in the homes of 4000 sq. feet. You do not need to use any kind of chemicals or salt to convert the hard water into soft water. Generally, usage of hard water will not produce lather while using soap and shampoo and in fact the plumbing equipment gets scaled and loses their durability. By using this kind of equipment, you can produce soft water. This equipment is easy to install inside your home by connecting to the water tank or pipeline. This works effectively in the hard water, i.e. up to 325ppm.

9. Ge Mwf SmartWater Compatible (Premium) Water Filter R-9991


This three pack water softening system is highly durable and helps you to convert the hard water into soft water in a few minutes. This filter is being tested in the laboratory and was certified by NSF/ANSI 42 standards. This consists of three successive filters to process the hard water into soft ones. This removes the chlorine odor from the water, but retains the minerals. This is quite easy to install in your home to get fresh water round the clock.

8. Purenex 1 Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge 6 Pack


This 6 pack water filter cartridge is easy to install in your home to convert the hard water into soft water in a jiffy. This embraces a reverse osmosis system to purify the water. This promotes sound health of the entire family by removing chlorine content and fine dust particles settled in the water quickly. This simple water filtering system is durable, light in weight and affordable. This uses carbon block or GAC filters to boost the performance of filtering process. You need to replace the filter once in a year, however, it totally relies on the quality of water.

7. Purenex 5 Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge 6 Pack


This water softening system is installed in a reverse osmosis system to purify the water filled with dust, rust, silt and other contaminants in the water besides retaining the minerals. You can notice the difference in the taste of water before and after filtration with this equipment. This uses carbon block or GAC filters to carry out the filtration process. Technically, you need to change the filter periodically to enjoy the same taste of water all the time.

6. ISpring WGB22B 2-Stage 20-Inch Big Blue Whole House Water Filter 1-Inch NPT Carbon



This blue colored whole house water filter with 1-inch port ensure high water pressure. The sediment filter in this equipment will filter out the fine dust particles settled in the water and give pure water. This filter not only filters out the water, but also holds the residue carefully without getting blend with the purified water. This system ensures to remove 95% of contaminants and bad odor from the water. You need to replace the coconut shell carbon filter after reaching 100,000 gallon capacity.

5. Watts RV Pro-1000 Or M7002 10000 Grains Portable Water Softener



This portable water softener can be installed at your home to convert the hard water into drinking water. You can connect this water softener either to your tank or water pipeline to get the pure water in all your taps. The filter used in this softener will drain out all the impure particles from the water and supply fresh and tasty mineral water.

4. On The Go OTG4-Dblsoft-Portable 16,000 Grain RV Water Softener



This double water softener purifies two times more gallons of water that a standard purifier does. This can be fixed in commercials to supply more than 40% of soft water compared to a standard water softener. This purifier uses common salt tablet and produces 1600 gallons of water in a few hours and this water would be sufficient for commercials for at least 40 days. This softener does not occupy much of your space and is light in weight. You can get the consistent water pressure despite of low pressure drops. With the presence of wide mouth, you can add salt tablets easily. This is durable, easy to carry, and is free from leakage.

3. 602abcWater Fleck 5600sxt Metered On-Demand 48,000 Grain Water Softener, Complete



This water softener is perfect for the family of four people. You can purify the hard water that is filled with harmful dust particles into soft water. This water softener is made using superior quality components that boost the efficiency of the filtration process. You can improve the quality of shower water, avoid scales in plumbing equipment and boost the longevity of household appliances.

2. Watts Premier 105381 RO-Pure VOC Filter


This water filter is used to purify the hard water filled with dust and other harmful contaminants and supply pure water for drinking, bathing, cooking, washing and other home needs. This is made as per the NSF / ANSI 53 standards. The best part of this filter is that, you can easily install it in your home to get pure and fresh water for 24/7 hrs.

1. EdenPure ScaleRID 2000


This portable, durable and highly efficient water filtering system will purify the water at a faster pace and supply pure drinking water through all your taps. This is quite easy to install without any hassle. Most importantly, this consumes less power and does not use any kind of salts to purify the water. This totally prevents the scale formation in your plumbing equipment.

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