Top 10 Best War Movies From Asia

There are good movies, there are bad movies and there overwhelmingly good movies. Well, the movies that feature in this list of War Movies from Asia undoubtedly fall under the third category. What makes a movie (war movie to be precise) appealing? A highly deep and passion able storyline, proper direction, action and acting, etc. The success of a war movie is highly dependent on how a director puts forth the story. This indeed must be accompanied by an overwhelmingly supportive and talented cast team. Listed below are the top 10 war movies in Asia.

1. Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War


Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War is indeed a classic. It’s not a surprise that this movie is featuring at the number one spot in this list of War Movies from Asia. This South Korean film of 2004, directed by Kang Je – gyu rocked the box office. This movie revolves around two brother who were forced into to army at the time of the Korean War. Won Bin and Jang Dong – gun played the role of the two brothers in this film.

2. Assembly


Assembly, a film written by the Chinese film writer Liu Heng is a 2007 Chinese film that portrays the theme of antiwar. The movie received several awards such as the 2009 Golden Rooster Award and the 2008 Hundred Flowers Awards for the best film.

3. The Frontline


The Front Line, yet another South Korean War film on the list! This film released in 2011 was directed by Jang Hoon (his third film). Though it didn’t make it to the final shortlist of the 84th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, it was indeed nominated by South Korea under the category. The film bagged 4 awards at the Grand Bell Awards which even includes the award for the Best Film.

4. Yamato


Perhaps the first Japanese film to feature in this list, Yamato is indeed a classic war film that was released in 2005. This film was directed by Junya Sato. This movie depicts the story of the Japanese Battleship Yamato in World War II. This film is solely based on the demise of this ship during an operation known as Ten – Go. What makes this movie so popular? Well, it is one of the few war movies that focus on war at sea and has a considerably good plot.

5. My Way


Just when you thought it was over, another South Korean Film pops up. Koreans have indeed produced several master pieces as far as war films are concerned. All these films are renownedall across the world. Yang Kyoungjong, a Korean, was captured on D-Day by Americans. This film revolves around the true story of this man.

6. Letters from IWO Jima


IWO Jima is an American – Japanese film of 2006. This film was co-produced and directed by Clint Eastwood. On 20th December, 2006, this movie was released in America where as it was released in Japan on 9th December 2006.

7. Red Cliff


Red Cliff is by far one of the best war films till date. This film of the Chinese origin is indeed a classic. It was released in 2008 – 09. This movie revolves around the battles that were held on the Red Cliffs between 208 AD and 209 AD. It portrays the end of the dynasty of the Han’s and the beginning of the Reign of the Three Kingdoms in Japan. A 148 minute cut down version of this movie was released outside Asia in 2009. Till date, this film is the most expensive film in Asia, with a budget of US $80 million.

8. Battle under Orion


Battle under Orion is another Japanese war film that deals with war at sea. What makes this film unique? This film, unlike any of its ancestors was the first successful film that dealt with submarine warfare. As if the intense mood and acting wasn’t enough, this movie has a slight touch of fiction as well.

9. The Flowers of War


The Chinese and Koreans indeed have a knack of producing world class war films and “The Flowers of War” is no exception. This 2001 film directed by Zhang Yimou features Christian Bale, Zhang Xinyi, Atsuro Watabe, Ni, Cao Kefan and Shigeo Kobayashi. The film takes its plot from a novella by Geling Yan.

10. Into the fire


The list started with a South Korean Film and it’s going to end with one as well, “Into the fire”. This 2010 film directed by Lee Jae – Han commemorates the individuals who lost their lives during the Korean War. This film emphasizes on the contribution of student soldiers during that period. This film ought to give you an idea as to what might happen if school boys were forced into the army.

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