Top 10 Best Vitamins For Women


The inclusion of vitamins in regular meals is very important and causes positive effects in the body system and makes the entire regulation of the bodily functions much easier and without difficulties.

A regular intake of proteins, minerals, carbohydrates is absolutely necessary for the human body to work properly. But without the inclusion of vitamins, the meal remains incomplete. Vitamins and multivitamins are absolutely necessary to round up the meal. It guards the body against several infections and diseases that come commonly with the deficiency of vitamins in the body. Now there are many vitamins that are recommended for both men and women, but there are certain vitamins that are essential for a woman’s body, without which certain common bodily functions that are unique to women cannot function properly. Therefore below here are stated the ten best vitamins for women.

10. Vitamin C

 This is one of the most important vitamins that are absolutely necessary for women. It is essential for hair growth and strong nails. Produces collagen that is required for making the skin healthier and firm. During winters chapped and cracked lips are a common problem and this comes along with the deficiency of vitamin C. the protection of the immunity is most vital for women and this is what this vitamin brings about. During the menstruation cycle, extreme blood flow can be dangerous and vitamin C helps in this case by protecting the capillaries from breaking.

9.Vitamin D

 This is a vitamin that women absolutely cannot do without. This is imperative to make the bones strong and increase their density. This is something that women after the age of thirty lack. The bone density reduces and gets feeble with time. This leads to frequent fractures or sprains and can even lead to breaking of bones even due to the slightest of accidents. This is where vitamin D becomes absolutely crucial for women. A regular intake of its supplements is necessary. It is best available in milk and in the pure rays of the sun.

8.Vitamin A

This is absolutely necessary for both men and women. For women however it is required it proper quantities and in proper portions every day.  It reduces the chances of heart diseases that are mostly very prevalent in women. A regular intake of this vitamin ensures that there is sufficient amount of anti oxidants in the body and it also keeps the immunity strong. Carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach are excellent sources of vitamin A and should be included in the regular diet of every woman.

7.Vitamin E

 It has anti-oxidants that flushes out the toxins in the body and in fact actually protects vitamin A in the body. Now the Alzheimer’s disease is very common among women and this particular supplement essentially helps in its prevention. It is also beneficial when it comes to preventing wrinkles and slowing down the ageing process. It helps with the blood flow and recovered of the body tissues that are essential for women who are menstruating.

6.Vitamin B6

 Many people do not get the proper requirements of this vitamin type. It is absolutely necessary in making the red blood cells. During pregnancy, the body requires a lot of extra nutrients and this is one of them that is absolutely necessary to have during that crucial time. Moreover it also helps in reducing the chances of hearty diseases. However this vitamin type is actually difficult for older women to process and therefore should be taken in the form of multivitamins for better results. The generation of the red blood cells is absolutely necessary and essential, most importantly for women.

5. Vitamin B12

Along with vitamin B6, comes the benefit of vitamin B12 as well. It helps ion the generation of the red blood cells and also the development of the nerve cells as well as its protection. Women are always at high risk of nerve degeneration owing to the high level of anxiety and depression that most suffer from. It assists in breaking down the amino acids and the fatty acids for better utilization and reduces the chances of a heart disease. Any meat, fish and poultry product is rich in this vitamin and an absolute necessary for women.

4. Vitamin K

 Vitamin K is absolutely necessary in older women to avoid fractures and hip dislocations. It strengthens the bones and prevents the forthcoming of osteoporosis that is very common in older women and nowadays is also quite prevalent in adults as well. Studies have found that this type also prevents possibilities. Moreover it also helps in preventing heart failures and heart blocks. Therefore not only do women require the intake of this vitamin abut men and children as well. It is imperative to include it in your diet.

3. Thiamin  

 Absolutely necessary for the proper growth of hair, skin and nails. It makes the brain and muscles healthy. For women this is important for the healthy growth of hair and proper skin. A common problem among women crossing the age of fifty is to lose hair and hair degeneration. Thiamin which is also vitamin B1 is imperative to be present in the system to make sure pre mature hair fall and graying of hair is not seen. This is where the benefits of thiamin come along. It is found in most foods that are nutritious.

2. Vitamin B5

 This is necessary in the creation of hemoglobin. Most women suffer from the common problem of anemia. This is one vitamin that helps in the healthy creation of hemoglobin that makes the woman healthy and also has regular and normal menstrual flows. The deficiency of this type can cause neurological problems that are most common in women crossing a certain age. A regular inclusion of Vitamin 5 is absolutely essential in maintain a healthy blood level.

1. Biotin

 This particular type of vitamin is a very important inclusion in the everyday meals of women. It aids in a number of issues for instance for women who are obese, this type helps in the metabolic rate and breaks down the complex food proteins that help sin better digestion.  Women are always at a high risk of generating bad cholesterol and this vitamin helps in the prevention of extreme cholesterol levels in the body and in turn reduces many of the diseases that follow it. Improving the health of the skin and strengthening of the hair and nails is also one of the many benefits that biotin provides.

Therefore the inclusion of all these important vitamins is absolutely essential in maintaining good body health and balancing the entire body composition and preventing future outbreaks of any kind of disease or infections.  All these are necessary to be a part of every woman’s daily diet to ensure her body and mental health.


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