Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Headsets For Smartphone Reviews

Virtual reality headset is a great device that will completely change the traditional way of your entertainment life. You can easily get access to a virtual fantasy without having to go to the cinema or watch film on your computer. This is a brand new option available to appreciate your favorite movies or TV series. Today we are going to present you with these high quality products on the market.

10. Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset



Samsung gear VR is a great device for better virtual experience. It features with quite lightweight and easy to control with touch pad. However, this device is limited to work with Samsung Galaxy Note5, S6 edge+ and s6 edge.The padded headbands is quite comfortable and the device can work well with Oculus apps.

9. Merge VR – Virtual Reality Headset For Iphone And Android


This brilliant device is launched by Merge VR which will give you brand new virtual experience than ever. It is compatible with multiple smartphone sets including iOS and android series. It uses flexible foam and features with two straps that give extra comfort while you watching your favorite movies. And you don’t need worry about video resources because it is compatible with all the relating apps from both iOS and Google play system.

8. 3rd Vr Virtual Reality Headset Google Version 3D



This is delicate designed virtual reality headset you can count on. It is quite comfortable which features with 3 comfortable straps which is quite flexible and the nose bridge is ergonomically designed for optimal comfort experience. The entire weight is just 280g. Its front cover is easy to remove and you can use this device with iphone, android phones and windows phones.

7. Destek 2016 New Version Vone 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset 3D VR Glasses With NFC For 4~6 Inch Smartphones For..


This is revolutionary version of virtual reality headset which will bring you with immersive experience in the movie or 3D game. And it is compatible with multiple mobile phones with screen size between 4.0 and 6.0 inch. You can connect with more than 600 apps on apple store or google play store. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote controller for quick access to not only the smartphones but also TV box, Laptop and so on.

6. Motoraux 3rd Vr Virtual Reality Headset Google Version 3D Glasses DIY Video Movie Game Glasses For iPhone 6



Motoraux 3rd VR headset will give you the same immersive experience as you have at the cinema. It comes with 3 adjustable straps for best comfort design as well as face foam protector and comfortable nose bridge. This device is compatible with android, iphone, windows phones series within 6.0 inch screen size.

5. IncrediSonic M700 VUE Series VR Glasses, Virtual Reality Headset, & Bluetooth Remote Gaming Controller, (Black)


This device works with more than three hundreds iOS and android apps which will bring you with extraordinary immersive experience. It also comes with Bluetooth remote controller which is compatible with windows and Macs. The three comfortable straps will distribute the weight evenly and the foam seal is thick and soft which makes this device extra comfortable and easy to use.

4. Favolcano Ritech Riem III Google Cardboard 3D Virtual Reality Headset For 3.5 To 5.6 Inch Smartphone


This is quite cost effective device you should own today. With around fifteen bucks, you can turn your smartphones into a great VR viewer and enjoy unique immersive experience. It is easy to use no matter you are sitting, standing, or lying.

3. Glyby 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Headset With Head-Mounted Headband And NFC Tag For 3.5-6.0 Inch Google, iPhone…



This device is compatible with android and iOS phones with 3.5-6.0 inches. With its user friendly design, you will get extra comfortable experience with this device.

2. Google Cardboard 3d Vr Virtual Reality DIY 3D Glasses For Smartphone With NFC And Headband


This is VR headset from google cardboard. It is made of high quality material as well as workmanship which makes it extra solid and durable. This device can bring you the same function as google virtual reality glasses.

1. Vigica Virtual Reality Headset iMax 3d Video Glasses Head Mount



Vigica VR headset is quite easy to use and will change your mobile phones into IMAX cinema in seconds. It is designed with super comfortable headband as well as face foam protector. Plus, you can use this device and wear your glasses at the same time. Its lens is adjustable and fit for 3.5 – 6.0 inches smart phones. In addition, the overall appearance is quite stylish and beautiful. You will definitely love it.

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