Top 10 Best under $6000 Used Cars for Sale

Let’s face it- cars are still pretty much a fancy object to own. Some wait years to own a car of their dreams and others wait keep on saving some nickels. But the larger chunk of the buyers thinks of purchasing a used car as a viable option. There are more reasons than one. One such being is the reluctance to take a new car out for a spin if the driving skills are at amateur level.

Therefore we pick not one, two but as many as ten used cars under $6000 that can definitely be a hit among those wanting to buy a car on a shoestring budget or even trying to hone their driving skills.

10. 1999-2006 Chevrolet Silverado


We start the list with a pick –up truck for people who always look for more. Chevrolet Silverado can definitely appeal to them with its strong chassis and power. For a car under $6000, it packs it all- stylish and much more modern looks than its nearest competitors, high performance V8 engine of 6 liter that produces 345 hp. Thanks to its performance; it can be taken out for some off-road ride too.

9. Honda- CRV


Used or unused, many have hankering for Honda cars. And when a used Honda car is what you want then Honda CRV surely fits the bill. This compact SUV is certainly not going to disappoint those who are mileage conscious. This car can deliver at least 20 mpg in city and 29 at highway under normal conditions. Being an SUV it has very spacious interiors and trunk space.

8. Dodge Caravan


Pick a used Dodge Caravan and it becomes one the most safety feature loaded cars in its category- and yes that too under $6000. Less fuel consumption too is taken care of with its 2.4 liter engine that increases torque speed. Regarding safety features, it has useful child locks and power brake mechanism. A must for consideration on our list.

7. Acura RSX (2002)


Of course there are many sports car lovers who cannot go ahead with buying a car of their dreams owing to budget constraints. Here we have a used 2002 Acura RSX for them costing $6000 just for them! It is more like a all purpose car that can be used for both daily commuting and long drives courtesy 4 cylinder engine yielding 200 hp. Did we mention it also has luxurious leather seats and upholstery that simply defines comfort.

6. 2002 Pontiac Vibe


Perhaps not a big player in the market but Pontiac Vibe surely has quite a few pointers to make it in our list of used cars under $6000. It could be called a lookalike of Toyota Matrix but what it truly has in its vita is a 1.8 liter engine that delivers superb mileage reading 30 mpg in city even after few years of use. A go-to used car for hatchback enthusiast.

5. 1999-2003 Toyota Sienna


Your search for a used family car minivan with all modern features ends with Toyota Sienna. It is well stocked with entertainment system, leather upholstery, decent fuel economy (17mpg city / 23 mpg highway) and a classic Toyota nameplate to make it an envy for a few despite being used.

4. 2008 Suzuki SX4


Make no mistake, Suzuki SX4 has a market- so does its used version which comes under $6000. The 2008 sedan model of Suzuki has been a bestseller in many countries for its comprehensive performance in all spheres. A perfect combo of power and smooth handling with looks to kill.

3. Ford Explorer (2002-2007)


Another vehicle by Ford in family car category which is just as useful in used condition. Availability with V6 and V8 engines make it a price catch and also the fact that it has large interiors to accommodate many can be a point to consider this car by Ford. The only let down for some would be weak numbers on mileage chart. In spite of that this family car is highly recommended.

2. Volkswagen Phaeton


Markets of Europe Canada and the USA are flooded with VWs for its class and magnificence. Those willing to own a VW car need not lose heart- for here is used 2006 Volkswagen Phaeton under $6000 that exudes luxury with exterior design, packs a punch with engine that generates at least 333 horse power, is loaded with best of suspension system with considerable mileage.

1. 2003 Nissan Maxima


The list ends with Nissan Maxima- a mid-size sedan that is available for $6000. Still popular in the market because of its comfort quotient, it also generates 222 horsepower with standard V6 engine and most certainly adds a lot of oomph with power sunroof. This car from Nissan is not a bad bet even in the looks category due to its well trimmed styling.

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