Top 10 Best Under $3000 Used Cars For Sale

Buying a car in this market is becoming increasingly difficult for students, who don’t have much financial ability to get themselves a brand new car. The used car segment is a ray of hope as many wonderful machines are available for below $3000 in almost mint condition, along with the stock kits. Below is a list of best under $3000 used cars available:

10. 1st Generation Toyota MR2


Launched in 1985, this car is a dual seat, mid engine, rear wheel drive sports vehicle. The car was known for its looks, handling ability, acceleration and color. It had the styling which was comparable to that of Ferrari; it is powered by a 1,587 cc displacement, inline four cylinder engine, giving a maximum output of 112 horsepower. The car is a perfect fit for students with an aspiration to drive a sports car without having a bit too much drag on their pockets.

This car is available in mint condition for $2700-$3000.

9. 2nd Generation Ford Crown Victoria P71


Launched in 1998, the car featured a revised four-link suspension and standard large 16-inch wheels. It is an awesome ride with an added attraction of being a cop car. The car serves well in rough conditions, without any major hiccups. A hybrid variant is also available which was launched for civilian use.

This car is available in mint condition for a price of around $3000.

8. 1988 Pontiac Fiero


A mid engine sports vehicle, this dual seat car was the official Pace Car of the Indianapolis 500. The car was designed to be a racing vehicle, though its image suffered setbacks because of poor reliability on the older models. It is perfect buy for students who want to get their hands on a truly sporty looking car.

This car is available in mint condition well below $3000.

7. 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK


An off road all terrain SUV, this car is definitely a beast when it comes to driving experience. The 2007 models carry a 4 door option for increased passengers and cargo. It is available in 2.8 liter and 3.8 liter engine options, with computer controls. This car is every student’s dream that prefer adventure trips with their friends.
The car is available in mint condition for $3000.

6. BMW E30 Series 3


An executive compact car, the car was launched in 1982. The car is available in inline 6 cylinder and inline 4 cylinder engines. The car is also available in 4 door and 2 door options. This ride offers people to ride in style in elegance, without hitting the pocket hard.

The car is available in mint condition well below the $3000 mark.

5. 1st Generation Chevrolet S10


Launched in 1982, this compact truck from the Detroit automaker is now considered a classic. The car is known for its durability, reliability and ability to haul or tow considerable cargo. Off road capability also adds a feather to its cap. It is a perfect buy for students looking towards long weekend journeys.

The car is readily available in the $2000-$3000 range.

4. 4th Generation Dodge Grand Caravan


Launched in 2003, this minivan features 16 inch wheelbase, large passenger and cargo space. The car is highly fuel efficient, along with its image of reliable transport. It can carry all your equipments and friends on a long road trip. It is powered by a 6 cylinder engine.

The car is readily available within a reasonable $2000-$2500 price range.

3. GMC Sierra 500 Special


Launched in 1990, this spectacular vehicle is a 4WD truck, powered by 6.2 liter engine producing a commendable 403 horsepower. Every truck lover must have this beast; and its all terrain capability makes it even more fun to drive. This behemoth can be used as your personal carrier when you are up for trekking or long haul journeys. This is also a perfect fit for students looking forward to move into a college or high school away from home.

The car is available in mint condition for $2000-$2200 range.

2. ’97 Pontiac Sunfire


This compact car is every student’s choice for its impressive build and colors. Available in 2.5 liter twin camshaft engine, it is a highly fuel efficient car. This vehicle is known for its great driving experience on highways, ability to fire up any time without hiccups, premium quality passenger experience and reliability.

The car is available in mint condition for around $1000-$1500.

1. 5th Generation Chevrolet Malibu


Launched in 1997, the car sits on an extended General Motors N platform. The car is available in two engine options: 3.1 liter V6 producing 155 horsepower, and 2.4 liter GM Quad 4 engine, producing 150 horsepower. A mid size, front wheel drive vehicle, it is known for its elegance and premium quality build. The cars have gained a low key celebrity status over time.

The car is readily available in mint condition for around $1500-$2000 price tag.

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