Top 10 Best Under 20,000 Dollars Used Cars For Sale

Buying a car has almost become a necessity. Whether is a Sedan or an SUV, everyone has their own preferences. Buying a new car can be a lot of hassle, since you have to look at the budget as well. However, buying a used car is never out of option, especially when you are running short on cash and the situation demands you to buy a car. Well, we have generated the top ten lists of the used cars falling under 20,000 $.

10. BMW M3 E46


One doesn’t need any assurances, when the car is from the BMW brand. BMW E46 M3 is rear wheel drive car that comes with a coupe or convertible. With the 330 horse, the car packs a punch with the help of sports suspension. The car is one of the top picks for used cars as it comes well under the budget and gives a classy look to your ride. It is perfect one for long trips and affordable at the same time.

9. Chevrolet Camaro


You may have seen the movie ‘The Transformers’, then you are bound to know about this car in the list. Chevrolet Camaro is one of the best looking sports cars with heavy performing engine. It was considered as the best cars in 2010. Being a muscle car, it has 4 wheel drive and flawless suspension. It comes in varieties of colors, of course the yellow one is the best choice.

8. Honda Odyssey

Highly known as the family car, Honda Odyssey has been the choice for the people, who love to go out on a family trip or a picnic. With unique features like efficient mileage, and power sliding doors, this car is the best bet under 20000 dollars in the market. It is a great luxurious vehicle to make the journey comfortable and less bumpy.

7. Nissan Altima


One of the most highly sold car in United States, Nissan Altima deserves no further introduction. The car is one of the best cars for middle class family. It offers some of the best features under the affordable price tag, which is hard to get otherwise. Features such as highly spacious, excellent interiors and sleek look make this car the people’s choice under the value of 10,000 dollars.

6. Toyota Prius


Not many Hatchback cars make to the list of used cars offering unique features at the affordable rates. Toyota Prius is the car of the choice that deserves to be on the list without a second thought. Its salient features like navigation, leather seat and classy interior coming at a relative cheap price is certainly not a bad deal. It is equally spacious and comfortable car for those who love a compact car.

5. Lexus Rx


A mini SUV car is a sign of masculine looks. Certainly Lexus Rx has got the looks for it. The car comes with an attractive design and sleek finish that will give the by watchers a nod to their head. It offers variety of features such as high speed, spacious, high quality build and comfortable interiors. All these features under 20,000$ is surely a best sign to buy the car. Hardly any other cars come up under such price tag including those features.

4. Infiniti G35

Apart from sharing the platform with Nissan 350Z, the car is one of the best entry level luxury cars under the affordable rates. The VQ35DE engine gives a sporty touch to the car with a 4 wheel rear drive option. With a more responsive timing to the transmission, the car offers classy and sleek look with a perfect weight distribution. It offers perfect comfort and convenience to those sitting inside the car.

3. Nissan 350Z


Nissan sure knows the way to make affordable cars. Another entry on the list from Nissan is 350Z, a complete sports package offered to you at affordable rates. It is a V6 powered, twin seater sports car with variety of features as seen in other sports cars. The car has some of the best appealing designs and gives a stylish look to anyone driving inside. It is a perfect car for those who love a bit of adrenaline ride on the highway.

2. Mazda CX-9


The Mazda CX-9 is a perfect family SUV car. Since Mazda is known to develop low cost cars, CX-9 makes it to the list of the used cars well under 20000$. The car has great comfort and convenience to the users. With unique features like 6 speed transmission, Dynamic and Roll stability control and active torque split all-wheel drive, CX-9 cannot be ignored if you are planning to buy a family car.

1. Ford Escape


A second generation car tops the list of the used cars under 20000$ budget. Ford escape is the living example of the friendly car with class and comfort. This small SUV is by far no less than traditional SUV cars. It has unique features like Ecoboost engine, 6 speed automatic transmission, aerodynamic design and stunning interiors. This is the best affordable car with best features at your disposal.

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