Top 10 Best Travel Power Adapters Reviews

People like travelling and it is very common to travel across different countries. A little issue that you may face is having a right power adapter. If there is an international power adapter will be much easier for you to charge all your mobile devices, such as: smartphone, cameras, mp3 player and so on. We have deeply reviews various these little powerful helpers, and created this list for you. Make sure to check it in detail to get the benefit from them.

10. Ceptics GP-5PK International Travel Worldwide Plug Adapter Set



This set of plug adapter will enable you to charge your electronic devices easily. And it is top selling product on our list. It can accept any country’s plug. All you need to do is following its simple instruction to find out the best adapter to help you.

9. Bestek Portable International Travel Adapter Voltage Converter 220V to 110V With 6A 4 USB Ports


This travel adapter contains 3 USA outlets and it can convert the voltage from 90V-265V AC to 110-120 V output. It also contains 4 USB ports for charging your mobile devices. The three international adapters can support over 150 countries and it is quite compact for easy porting.

8. Ceptics UP-5KP International Worldwide Travel Adapter Plug, 5-Piece Set With Pouch8buynow

Looking for a compact and easy to carry travel adapter? Then this one must be your favorite. It is quite compact to put all different type adapters inside one package bag and you can place it anywhere your travel luggage. It is quite convenient and it supports most of countries over the world.

7. World Travel Adapter USB Charger Universal All-In-One Plug Dual 3.2A USB Ports (Black)



With this versatile international adaptor, you can easily charge your mobile device without any issue. It is compact and easy to carry. And it includes nightlight for looking at dark environment. The dual USB ports which comes with this device can give you fast and effective charging for your digital media players as well as smart phones.

6. International Power Adapter, USA To Europe Adapter, Universal Outlet Adapter



This is high quality adapters you should consider to buy. The overall material is constructed by full copper with nickel plating. It fits for the voltage range from 110 to 250. This device is designed for most of countries usage and the merchant provides lifetime warranty for its quality. Plus it is quite easy to carry and must be an essential partner of your journey.

5. Orei M8 Plus All-in-One Grounded International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter With Dual USB Charger – Retail Packaging.



This is quite versatile and flexible adapter if you want a simple style one. It is a build in adapter by easily adjustable plug to fit for different type of outlets. And also it comes with USB ports for charging your mobile device easily.

4. EforCity Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug, White



This adapter has won so many positive ratings from their customers. It features with compact design but powerful capacity to fit most of countries in the world. Plus you will get a big discount when you buy it now. Its quality is verified by PIA international organization. And this is a good and durable product for long lasting usage.

3. Universal Travel Adapter 2 Universal Sockets Covering More Than 150 Countries – US, UK, EU, AU – Green


This is a great and compact adapter with multiple types and colors that you can buy it right now. It is quite easy to use with all build in plugs to fit most countries outlets. It is also CE approved for its secure certification as well as surge protection.

2. Yubi Power 2 In 1 Universal Travel Adapter With 2 Universal Outlets – Built In Surge Protector – CE Approved /…



 This compact set of traveling adapter contains five different plugs for different type usage. It also comes with dual outlets for better efficiency. It adopts multiple safety protection technique as well as certificated by CE for its qualification of international usage. The five plugs can fit for most countries outlets which will make your journey quite easier than before.

1. Orei Grounded Universal 2 in 1 Plug Adapter Type G For UK, Hong Kong, Singapore & More – High Quality – CE Certified…



This is CE certified travel adapter that you can trust in it. It comes with dual ports for better efficiency and you can plug in two devices at the same time. Its new internal metal design gives more conductivity while use it. It is quite compact and space saving.

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