Top 10 Best Table Tennis Tables Reviews In 2016

Table tennis is a game enjoyed by people of all ages. It is played for sport or recreation or just to keep fit. Table tennis does not require running or a lot of leg movement nor does it require a huge ground or space to be played. It is a common man’s game, as it is does not include a lot of expensive consumables like other games.

Table tennis builds agility, fast thinking, quick reflexes as well as helps in burning calories. Hence, it is the perfect game for people who are even middle aged or those who take it up later in life to help keep in shape and keep fit.

10. Corneilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Table Tennis Table



To really enjoy a game of table tennis, one needs to have a high quality table tennis table. A great table tennis table enhances the quality of the games played on it. Corneilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Table tennis is sturdy and created to withstand harsh weather conditions. The playing surface is of resin laminate and there is a mat top which is anti glare and allows the ball to bounce well. The packaging is so well done that the product is delivered without shipping damages. It is also easy to install and comes complete with an installation instruction manual.

9. Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table – Axos 1 With Outdoor Accessory Bundle



These table tennis tables are made in Germany and are 108 “ by 60 “ by 30”. They can be folded into dimensions of 22” by 67” by 72 “. This comes completed with 2 kettler halo 5.0 rackets for outdoor table tennis, 3 balls and an outdoor kettler cover for the table. This table is weatherproof and made of aluminimum composite. It also has protection of the outer edges by a 1” aluminimum apron which prevents it from warping. It is durable and weather proof. It also comes with a 3 year warranty. The safety of the table from accidental folding is by a patented dual lock system.

Assembling of this table is easy as the instructions are very precise and the parts are in separately labeled bags as per the stages of assembly.

8. Joola Nova Tour DX Outdoor Table Tennis Table



Setting up of this table consists of just attaching the legs. All hinges are preassembled and the top of the table is wonderful. The table halves roll into each other so take up less space in storage.  It has low profile storage. It also has separate pieces for playback mode which can be configured as well.

7. Rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table With Corner Ball Holders And Magnetic Scorers



These tables are painted black. The corner ball holders can hold upto 3 balls. These tables come with anti tilting devices which increases the safety. It also has adjustable feet for leveling of the table. For scoring of games, it has detachable magnetic scoring devices

6. Joola Midsize Table Tennis Table



This table is made of 2 sections of roughly 3 feet each. The folding legs can be locked into place. The table is held by braces which also act as net clamps. It is a good training table for kids.

5. Joola Inside Table Tennis Table



Assembling of this table consists of just assembling the wheel brackets. The table is of 2 pieces which line up perfectly. It is also easy to store and to roll it away. The parts are solid and the ball bounces well on the table.

4. Hathaway Victory Professional Tables



The table is incredible. The workmanship is amazing. It is made of tournament size dimensions.  It is built in two halves that are not flimsy or damage easily.  This table comes with leveling adjustments and a solid platform. It also has 5 inch wheels which helps in moving the table whether it is indoors over hard floors or carpets. The table top comes with a thickness of one inch. It has a fast service and the paint is resistant to marking. It is the simplest to assemble with just 16 bolts to be attached.

3. Stiga InstaPlay Table Tennis Tables



These tables are easy to assemble and of excellent quality. In addition, it is great with portability and easy storage as it consists of 2 pieces. These are sturdy and a much better than the folding table tennis tables.

2. Park And Sun Mini Table Tennis Table



If you love table tennis and do not have the space in your house for a full size table, this is an ideal product. It can be also a bonus when going on vacations or picnics or any outings. This table does not need any assembly. It is ready for play with even the net fixed. It has a beautiful blue color. An added advantage is that it comes with free shipping.

1. Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table – Free Accessories



These tables are easy to assemble and the accessories are boxed well. The service is amazing and the representatives even to call to schedule delivery appointments. Assembling of these tables are simple and straight forward. The material and the table in short is extremely durable. The accessories are of good quality and alongwith the table it comes as a great value for money.

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