Top 10 Best Table Tennis Rackets Reviews In 2016

Table tennis is a game enjoyed by people of all ages and all fitness levels. Whether it is played just to keep fit, for recreational purposes or by professionals. However, to truly enjoy the game, one must have the right equipment. It is not necessary that the same equipment can be used by all levels of players. Depending on their skill and type of game played, the equipment needs to be selected. Here are a few products listed with the features and characteristics of each. The article should help a person who is undecided and wants a great table tennis racket or table tennis set and does not have the time to review all the products for themselves.

Read below to know more about the top table tennis rackets

10. Stiga supreme table tennis racket



This racket has a comfortable handle and gives a better spin to the ball. It also increases the ball control. It is a good paddle for a beginner, intermediate or entry level professional player. It is light weight and helps the player develop proper strokes.

9. EastPoint EPS 3.0 Table Tennis Paddle



This paddle comes with pip ins which allows the player to give a great spin. If harder striking is required or for increased control, this paddle comes equipped with sponge backing. The racket has a good grip and right amount of spring due to the tacky pips-in rubber facing side.

8. Stiga Pure Color Advance Table Tennis Racket



These rackets are very reasonable and especially designed for friendly games. These rackets are designed for extra speed and extra spin. This is due to the 1.5mm rubber. This racket helps with defence. The blade used by this is 5 ply and has 3 star rubber. The speed is 75 and both the spin and control offered by this racket is 65. The racket has stunning good looks with a black wooden handle and attractive green rubber.

7. Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket



The Stiga pro carbon tennis rackets are made of material which is of  high quality. This is for beginners to intermediate level players. The best part of this racket is that it is great with speed and for chops. The racket head is thicker than the average rackets and is springier  as well. This helps the spin of the ball.

6. Killerspin Jet500 Table Tennis Paddle



This paddle has a 6.7 mm blade and a 2mm sponge. This is a great paddle if one needs to improve their game. The spin and the control one has using this paddle is better than most other paddles. The workmanship used to make the paddle and the packing the the tennis paddle comes in, is great as well.

5. Killerspin Jetset 4 Table Tennis Paddle Set With BWalls



These paddles are great to have control and speed. The rackets have good cushion for those who are free swingers. The rackets have a lot of tack as well. This helps improving the spin. They are built sturdy and are improved versions of the basic rackets. The paddles come in individual wrapping and the package contains 3 balls which are yellow and three which are white. These balls are killerspin as well and of durable material.

4. Joola 59152 Hit Recreational Table Tennis Set, 4 Rackets With 4 White And 4 Orange Balls



The paddle is created of rubber and wood composite. This has a control of 93 with spin and speed of 60 each. The set includes rackets. These rackets have a smooth surface and they have straight handles. The features of these rackets is that they are sturdy and have rubber which covers the sponge. The paddles are light and weigh just a pound. This is a perfect set for those that are just starting the game.

3. Viper Table Tennis Accessory Set (Rackets And Balls)



The table tennis paddle is made of excellent quality wood and rubber. It also has 1.5mm of sponge and a 5-ply blade. It is also fitted with a flared handle. This rates 93 for control. The set includes white 40mm tennis balls which are regulation sized. These give consistent bounces and have a great spin on them.

2. Stiga Classic Table Tennis Set



The paddles are sturdy and offered at a great price. These are meant especially for amateurs as there is slim cushioning between the paddles. Theis STIGA classic table tennis set is not meant for professionals but can be enjoyed by people who want to play ping pong for recreational purposes.

1. Stiga Performance Table Tennis Set



This is a great set when it comes to value for money. It has softer paddles and the ball also has grip on them.  These give a decent spin and good control. The handles fit into the hand very well. The balls are of decent quality.

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