Top 10 Best Table Tennis Nets & Posts Reviews

Table Tennis is one of the most fun games that you can play indoors. It is not just a great way to enjoy your free time, but can also be taken to a professional level. The table does not take too much space, so you can set it up almost anywhere. And with the help of some kits, you can play the game on any table. If you are a fan of Table Tennis and want to get better at it, you would need the best nets and posts to practice. To help you make the right decision, reviews of the top 10 options are given below.

10. IPong Joola Carbon Fiber Compact Edition Ball Catch Table Tennis Net


This ball catch net is great for those who have no one to practice with. You can set it up on one side and practice your serves from the other. It has side nets too so you can hit at any angle. If you have a robot, it will be even more helpful. The net is easy to set up and very durable. It is also quite affordable.

9. Stiga Retractable Anywhere Table Tennis Set



If you do not own the table, this set can still give you the same experience. It consists of the net, bats, posts and balls. You can install the net on any table of the right size and start playing. The set is quite cheap and thus is ideal for those who just want to have fun. If you want to play like a pro then it will not be a very good choice as the quality is not that good.

8. EastPoint Table Tennis Net and Post Set



The set consists of a nice quality net and posts made of durable steel. It can be installed on any standard size Table Tennis table. The posts ensure a strong hold with the table and do not allow the net to get loose. They can also be adjusted as per the size of the table. Quality is not too good, but satisfactory according to the price.

7. Kloud City® Portable Retractable Table Tennis Net Rack/Replacement Ping Pong Accessory



This is another amazing net for playing Table Tennis anywhere. The net can be installed on any table that is up to 190 cm wide and up to 5 cm thick. It is very easy to install and can be set up within a couple of seconds. The net is also easy to travel with. But the best part is its low price.

6. Joola Easy Table Tennis Net Set



The JOOLA Easy net set is made for standard size Table Tennis tables. It can be installed very easily with no tools. You cannot install it on any other table as the clamps are not adjustable. Quality of this net is good considering its low price. There is a problem with this product however. Height of the net is a bit low and not according to the Table Tennis standards.

5. Table Tennis Net Retractable And Adjustable To All Table Sizes By Smashpong Red And Black



This is retractable net that can be installed on any table within seconds and can be removed even quicker. The material is good and lasts long if taken good care. It is ideal for those who want to play Table Tennis anywhere and everywhere. It is cheap and light in weight.

4. Hathaway Deluxe Table Tennis EZ Clamp Clip-On Post And Net Set



This is a professional style set of post and net. It is made only for the real Table Tennis tables. It will not fit on just any other table. The clamps allow you to install and remove it easily and quickly. Posts have rubber coating to protect table from scratches or any other type of damage. The price is also quite low.

3. Sodlal(TM) Ping Pong Table Tennis Clamp Post Stand With Net Set



The ping pong net is made for standard size tables and might not fit other tables. So, you should check the measurements before buying. It is good in quality and cheap in price. It can last for years if you take good care. The whole setup takes a couple minutes to install.

2. 1.75M Length White Brim Nylon Ping Pong Table Tennis Net Black



The net is made for tables up to 175 cm wide. Height of the net is about 15 cm. It has a standard design and made for standard ping pong tables. It is easy and quick to install and remove.

1. Butterfly Stallion Net Set



It is a 66 Inch Long Net And Thus can fit the tables with that much width. The clamps can be installed to a table with up to 1.75 inch thickness. Net tension can be adjusted from both sides to ensure it stays at the proper height. It is a little more expensive than the other products in the market but then it also has better quality.

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