Top 10 Best Special Forces In The World

For many young boys, they have a dream in their hearts that one day they want to become as one of  special forces which are well equipped and performing dangerous mission. People tends to admire these well trained warriors. Today we select the world’s ten special forces for you, each group is super battle artifact.

10.Special intervention group, Italy


Special intervention group (Gruppo di Intervento Speciale, GIS) is a special anti-terrorism to airborne troops, and also a part of the Italian military police. the Italian national police established the team in 1978. The force is famous for its extraordinary shooting technology all over the world and now it has about 100 soldiers with three groups air defense combat and a sniper/ reconnaissance team. In each group air defense combat, four men are consisted of one team.

9. S – 13 special forces, Israel


S – 13 special forces is the Israeli navy special forces. It follows the slogan of the Israeli army “Never Again” (refers to the holocaust). The elite navy special forces are similar to delta special forces in the United States. S-13 members of the special forces who specializes in the ocean tasks, including marine information collection and rescue the hostages on the sea and boarding. At the same time, it is one of the most mysterious forces in the world, the details of the activity area and the task they performs are all highly confidential information.

8. SSG special service group, Pakistan


Special service team (The Special Services Group, SSG) is special operations forces of Pakistan’s army. It is similar to the British SAS. SSG was founded in 1956 and its task is special operations, unconventional warfare, internal defense, special reconnaissance, rescue the hostages, and so on.

7. JW GROM, Poland


JW GROM is Poland’s elite counter-terrorism unit, which is founded on June 13 in 1990. JW GROM candidates must pass the psychological test and endurance test, reliability test and practical experience. JW GROM now has about 450 male members, the motto of this force is “For you, the Fatherland!”

6. GIGN, France


“The French national police battlezone” (GIGN) is minimum special troops in the world, which has only 120 members. But all of them are the elite of the elite. One of the most famous stories is rescued 229 people from the hand of the four hijackers who highjack air France flight 8969 in 1994,. GIGN was founded in 1973 when Munich massacre was just happened in 1972. Its members have to accept strict training and their ultra equipped. They can deal with extreme violence.

5. 9th Border brigade, Germany


German border brigade 9th (German counter – terrorism and special operations given unit GSG 9) was founded in 1973 and is part of the German federal police. During the Olympic Games in 1972, due to the mismanagement of the German police who cannot successfully rescued 11 abducted Israeli athletes in Munich, the country decide to create the special forces. The task of this troop is to deal with terrorism like kidnapping, the hostages, extortion, and so on

4. Move the bloodshed assault team, Austria


Mobile bloodshed assault team (Einsatzkommando Cobra, EKO Cobra), founded in 1978, the cause of foundation is the same as the event of kidnapped Israeli athletes. It is a very low-key army and most of their participation is counterterrorism and they are famous for its high efficiency. The well-trained troops in 1996 participated in Graz-Karlau prison rescue of the hostage. In addition, they also performed many other tasks, and they are the only troop who can successfully put an end to the hijacking when the plane was parked in mid-air.

3. Delta force, the United States


After suffered terrorist attacks in the United States, this troop was founded in 1997, Delta Force (Delta Force), the content of the main task is counter terrorism. If you want to be a part of delta force, you must have experienced severe physical and psychological tests. After the test, you just get a six-month training opportunity

2. The UK’s special, the United Kingdom


Britain’s Special (The Special Air Service, SAS) is a part of The British army, was founded in 1941, when world war ii is still in progress. It serves as a role model for many special forces around the world. The main task is counter terrorism in the time of peace and special warfare during the war time. In the Iranian embassy siege in 1980, it hit the Iranian embassy in London and rescued the hostages. Since then it became famous

1. The navy seals, the United States


U.S. navy’s land, sea and air three landscapes commandos is also referred to as the seals. It is one of America’s finest special forces, the forces responsible for execution of military action on river and sea, swamps, delta or sea coast. Seal together with the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA) find and kill osama bin laden who was hiding in Pakistan. This is their most successful mission in recent years.









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