Top 10 Best Snow Sleds Reviews In 2016

When Winter wonderland comes to mind – the next thought is of snow, lots of it. If there is snow – how can someone keep the children inside. Let them enjoy their childhood making snowmen, throwing snowballs, racing on toboggans, snow sleds or ski scooters. Let theirs be a childhood they remember.  When the bigger children are having fun, toddlers too will want to take part. However, parents and elders do not let them be a part of the snow fun for reasons of safety. However, this is all about to change while you read this. There are several products which will blow your mind away in terms of fun and safety for your toddler.

10. Sportsstuff 30-1102 Snopedo Snow Sled



This device uses high quality PVC material and includes safety valve in order to inflate and deflate fast. It is also molded with heavy duty handles for easy grasping while playing it. The bright color will be definitely loved by your kids.

9. Paricon Toddler Boggan Sleds



These sleds are perfect for gentle slopes. These sleds are made of durable plastic have high backs and a safety strap to strap in your young toddler. These are deep and if the toddler is wrapped in a blanket, it will make the bottom and sides more comfortable. The sled measures 15.5 x 12 x 27 inches and are the three pound sleds. They are sturdy and never tip over. The sleds are meant for riders who range from 18 months to four years.

8. Snow Sleds Winter Toboggan



These snow kids toboggan sleds come in attractive red, blue and green colors. It is classic and has built in handles. As they are 35” long, it is perfect for a single rider. The pull rope helps in pulling the sled up the hill. These sleds go really fast down hill and children as well as adults get amazing thrills with it. If one needs to go faster, wax on the bottom helps immensely. The string is extremely durable and can be knotted in the holes provided.

7. Zipfy Mini Luge Snow Sled



When thinking of the ideal winter toy for young kids – snow sleds come to mind. These are created for children who are 5 years and older and have a weight limit of 250 lbs. these snow sleds have rails at the bottom which allow children to go full throttle down slopes. These sleds are safe and easy to stop. They also allow the child to control their speed. These are lightweight and weigh just 3.5 pounds.

6. Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sleds



These snowsleds are ideal for kids of any age from 5 to 75. As it is light and weighs just 3.5 pounds and is compact, it is ideal and easy to carry up the hill. The max weight it can carry is 250 pounds. These snowsleds have rails at the bottom which help pick speed at the slopes. They are incredibly safe and are easy to maneuver as well as stop or even control the speed.

5. Lucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan Sled, 35 Inch



These are classic durable plastic sleds for a single person. They have safety handles which are built in and are 35” long. These sleds include a limited lifetime manufacturers warranty for workmanship or material defects. The pull rope which is provided helps to pull this up a hill and as they only weigh 2 pounds, they are easy to pull.

4. Paricon Winter Lightning Sled (3 Pack)



These slick plastic sleds come in a pack of 3 and have molded noses. They are durable and do not crack in the cold. They are specially treated and are perfect for sledding. They are light weight and fit an adult with a child with ease. The holes provided allow you to add a rope so that they can be pulled up the hill.

3. Flexible Flyer Snow Screamer



These 3 pound lightweight foam sleds with slick bottom surfaces help you to glide on the snow at breakneck speed. It is meant for 2 riders and has 2 sets of handles. These snow screamers are 47 inches long and 21.5 inches wide. It is meant for riders who are atleast 5 years old. It is fast and durable.

2. Flexible Flying Aurora



These snow riding machines come in flashy graphics and are made of lightweight form core. The slick bottom surface helps increase the speed when going down hills. The handles are sturdy and help keep the rider safe. These flying auroras come in assorted colors.

1. Ski Skooter Fold Up Snowboard Kick Scooter For Use On Snow And Grass



These are perfect for snowboarding. This can be used on grass , snow, or even on sand dunes. It is like riding a scooter and due to the adjustable handles, the rider can maintain balance and also steer. The scooter is made of tough material and has non skid foot treads. It also can be stored conveniently as the handles are foldable. It comes in a variety of colors like Green, Blue and red. It can be used by riders from 4 years till adults and holds a maximum weight of 220 pounds.

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