Top 10 Best Shaker Bottles Reviews

Does your protein powder form clods in your water bottle while preparing your protein booster? Do wish your protein powder would just dissolve and make the drink all the more tastier and effective? Are you tired of shaking your water bottle to get the protein powder dissolved in vain? Well, if it is so then you are at the right place. Shaker bottles are an ultimate solution to all your problems listed above and give you an excellent protein booster with lesser shaking and no clods at all. Sounds magical, does it not? But like every other product, you need to choose your brand carefully in case of shaker bottles too and guess what? We have made a list of the top ten shaker bottles of 2015 so as to make your choices easier.



10. Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle




Tops the list with 28 ounce capacity and clear black tincture. Made of licensed surgical grade stainless steel, it has a lot of distinctively reliable qualities, the first being its effortlessness in blending ingredients as its name itself suggests. Revised characteristics comprise sling for comfort carrying, cushy flip cap and attenuated nozzle. It is perfect for blending protein shakes or juices of any kind. It is available in three sizes but 28 ounce has proved to be the most popular and widely used among all. Its reviews are fantastic and has minimal or no complaints at all. It is perfect for people of all spheres. Be it a body builder or a school going kid, Blender bottle is a perfect pick with reasonable price.


 9.  SmartShake Shaker Cup 



It comes next in the list. It is available in two sizes, 20 ounce and 27 ounce. It consists of three sections, each of which can agreeably stock supplements. Its capacity varies from 12-20 oz depending on its size. The licensed flip on colander has the ability to blend pulverized drinks without the formation of clods. Made of Bisphenol A-free plastic, Smart Shake Shaker cup can be micro-waved, refrigerated and dish-washed without any damage plus it is leakage free. It further has the unique characteristic according to which, when few cups are merged and mixed with its own cups, a new distinctive cup is formed. Its cups are exchangeable with other cups. If you are a feature freak, SmartShake Shaker Cup is your pick.

8. Cyclone Cup Shaker




The Next is with a capacity of 20 ounce. It is distinctively designed for systematic and effortless blending. To top it all it is Bisphenol A-free. It is made of a stringent blending technology because of which it can blend even the toughest of ingredients effortlessly. Although this shaker is a bit pricey compared to the other shakers, it will be worth it. All you need to do is put your ingredients into the shaker and it will take care of the rest. The only flaw in has is that it may leak if not used carefully. It is a perfect pick for you if you are a fancy-everything freak. Don’t forget to use the product with care because after everything that looks good should be treated with more care and caution.

7. SmartShake Slim Shaker Cup




This is next on the list available at an affordable price. It is yet another brilliant product from SmartShake  vailable in nine different colors. It consists of one section which efficiently carries out the task of bending your protein shakes smoothly resulting in the formation of  zero clod and easy to drink liquid. This shaker cup, like other cups from SmartShake, is made of Bisphenol A-free plastic as a result of which it can be micro-waved, refrigerated and dish-washed with no damage at all. Its capacity varies from 12-17 oz depending on its size. Last but not the least it has the unique ability to form a new distinctive cup when merged with other cups. Being obtainable in nine different colors gives you a wide range of choices resulting in an excellent Shaker up of your favorite color.

 6. Blender Bottle with Shaker Ball, Pack of 3 (Blue, Red, Black)



It comes next. It is a combo pack of three blender bottles which available in three colors. Each has a capacity of 20 oz with a taut screw on cap. It can be effortlessly cleaned and can be dish-washed securely, Ounce and millimeter markings have been inscribed to make it easier for you to make your protein shake in the right amount. The cushy flip cap stays firm when opened and does not close on its own making your nose all the more unlikely of getting hurt. Last but not the least it has Gripper bars which makes it easier to clutch the bottle. It is your perfect pick with great features and reasonable price.

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5. Blender Bottle Sport Mixer



With a classy dual colors look, it is ‘THE’ pick for sportsmen and people with a more extravagant taste alike and available in thirteen different combos, black/back being the best. It is obtainable in two sizes, 20 and 28 ounce respectively. Licensed and electro-polished 316 surgical blade stainless steel blender-ball wire blender is found inside, setting it apart from all the other bottles with its unique look and distinctive features. It is made of Eastman Tritan Co-polyester, as a result of which it won’t assimilate essence or tang alike. It is BPA free, phthalate free and can be securely dish-washed. Appropriate sling makes its carrying comfortable. To top it all it has a fashionable rubberized grip and leak-proof delineation plus ounce and millimeter markings. So, if you’re in for something really fancy, go for Blender Bottle Sport Mixer.

 4Optimum Nutrition Shaker Bottle




It comes next in the list. Each shaker cup has a 32 oz extra large volume. With Optimum Bottle you can blend the most concentrated of protein powders effortlessly and efficiently. And guess what? You get a portion of Optimum Whey free with every bottle. This model might not be very fancy or extravagant but it is a traditional bottle that makes your Pre workout Protein booster session smoother and tastier and what’s more? It is available at a very affordable price. You can get up to fifty percent discount in certain stores on Optimum Nutrition Shaker Bottle. It is simple but highly useful.


3.Hydra Cup Dual Shaker



It is number eight in the list with a capacity of 30 oz. Hydra Cup Dual Shaker is an excessively productive cup which serves you with smoothly mixed drinks whenever you ask for it. It is hundred percent mustered, processed and delineated in the United States of America. It is Bisphenol A-free, leakage proof and has a container each for stocking protein powder and keeping pills, It also provides you with a water bottle and shaker to make your workout all the more amazing because, with Hydra Cup Dual Shaker, you can’t wait your workout to end.

2. Single Sundesa Blender Bottle




It comes next with a capacity of 20 oz and a wide variety of colors to choose from. It has a licensed blender ball and considered to be one of the best blenders in the market. It consists of no batteries or cord resulting in zero complications. It can be effortlessly cleaned and also can be dish-washed securely. For people looking for a simple nice affordable shaker bottle, Single Sundesa Blender Bottle is your perfect pick. What’s more? You can even have your favorite colored bottle at a completely affordable price.


 1. Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle



This bottle manages to make it to the top ten us due to its distinctive qualities and unique features, it is available in two sizes, 20 oz and 28 oz respectively. It has an eccentric five sided scull ball that helps in blending all kinds of protein shakes and juices smoothly. . It is made of Tritan, as a result of which it won’t assimilate essence or tang. Twist lock lid is there which stays firm no matter what you do. It has an agreeable finger loop which makes bottle carrying easier. Also, it is Bisphenol A-free and dish-washer secure. It is available in four colors. It is your pick if you are a more simple-plus-essential-features freak.

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