Top 10 Best Selling Document Camera Reviews In 2016

We are living in the Communication world. Our classrooms are undergoing change. Traditional classrooms are becoming flipped classrooms and online classrooms are becoming the norm. In such a scenario, we need a sophisticated tool to interact with outside world and teach students in an engaging manner.

In recent years, the technology growth has been rapid. Among them, presentation technology exploded with lots of innovation. The document camera’s are such kind of innovations in visual technology.

With the variety of document cameras available in the market, the top 10 list help you make buying decisions easier.

10) Epson DC-11 Document Camera:

Epson DC-11 comes with SXGA resolution, built-in microphone, internal memory, and USB connectivity. It is an ideal tool for dynamic classroom interaction. You can use it to display experiments, 3D objects for interactive learning.

It also supports split screen functionality. The DC-11 comes with amazing features like 5-MP sensor, 30fps video, 10X digital zoom etc..which take it to the top 10 document camera list. It’s compact design and features makes it worth every penny you spend.

9) Avermedia VISIONU50:

Avermedia VisionU50 from Avermedia Technologies comes with 5-megapixel sensor and AVerVision U50 visualizer. It supports 30fps frame rate and has full HD capability. Built-in microphone helps you record lessons clearly and also use it for video chat.

It is extremely portable and is USB powered. The main feature of VisionU50 is its integration with a U50 interactive whiteboard (IWB) using the AVerVision Flash Plug-in. Its flexibility and superior design help to bend it in any angle one requires.

8) Epson DC-12 HD Document Camera with HDMI

Epson DC-12 has Full HD capability with 1080P resolution. It’s 16X digital zoom provides sharp clarity. It supports HDMI connectivity. Recording lessons is a breeze with its inbuilt microphone.

Epson provides the picture in picture option with zoom capabilities for simultaneous viewing of original as well as the zoomed picture.

You can even share the lessons to websites with their software for remote viewing. Its best feature of PC annotations makes it one of the best choice.

7) Lumens DC192 Ladibug HD Document Camera

Lumens Document Camera has excellent clarity. It has high definition capability and zoom facilities(Optical and Digital) which makes it compelling at this price point. Its software is intuitive to use and remote makes it very easy to operate.

It covers wide shooting area and has wide connectivity options. Its high-speed USB transmission makes the presentations smooth. It supports both video and audio recording with one touch.

6) Epson DC-06 Portable Document Camera

Epson gained its name by sheer quality. This DC-06 is not an exception. With a 10.7 x 14.3 capture area, you can share information from books, magazines etc. And, with XGA resolution and an LED light source, this document camera offers vivid color reproductions, even in low light conditions.

Use the USB connection to quickly attach your computer or an Epson projector. Best of all, with image rotation, this document camera lets you capture 3D objects, and show in landscape or portrait view.

5) Hovercam Solo 8 Document Camera

This is first 4k Resolution Document Camera. Obviously, it has the best video and image quality in its category. The patented ASR technology, helps for the powerful zoom where each and every tiny detail can be seen in amazing clarity. The image is resized in real-time to adapt the screen display.

The quality and the construction of this device is also excellent. The style, structure, one touch buttons and quality makes this device one of the best in the industry.

4) Lumens DC125 Ladibug Lightweight Document Camera

DC125 comes with an advanced image sensor that has high sensitivity to brightness and contrast. It’s advanced intelligent image mechanism is designed to focus automatically for best quality images for presenters and audiences.

The built-in microphone makes the DC125 convenient for recording meetings, training sessions, seminars, lectures with annotation. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry anywhere quickly for creative presentations.

3) IPEVO VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera (CDVU-05IP)

The VZ-1 HD doc cam gives you complete control over teaching. You can use VGA connection to stream live presentations directly to the projector without the computer. The Dual-Mode Document Camera

It has a dual-mode camera and can be used to scan tests and worksheets. You can use IPEVO software to share the presentations to iPad and websites.

2) Elmo 1349 Model TT-12ID Interactive Document Camera

ELMO 1349 is the latest version from “Document Camera Expert”. It captures the videos 30f/s. Without a Computer, only using TT-12iD, you will control zoom, camera position, and video recording and produce better outputs. You can upload your lesson for students those who are absent in the class.

You can displays 3D objects and sheets from a textbook, artistic work and even from humans. It compact, portable and easy to carry.

1) Elmo MO-1 Visual Presenter, White

Its picture quality is the benchmark for a document camera. ELMO offers HD pictures with top notch quality and comes with HDMI output. It captures HD video at the rate of 30f/s.

IPEVO 2 megapixel camera picture will challenge some of the high-end pixel cameras in document camera field. The camera can offer pixels up to 1600*1200 with autofocus technology with exposure control. ELMO is weightless, compact, portable and comfortable to transport. A worth buy for the mid-range price.

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