Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks Reviews

What is a selfie?

A selfie is a self-portrait of yourself or a group of people without using the help of another person to take them for you. To make things easier for you there are selfie sticks that help you take hassle-free pictures. Here is a list of the best of them in the market.


10. Mpow iSnap X One-piece U-Shape Self-portrait Monopod Extendable Selfie Stick



If you are on the lookout for an excellent quality selfie pole then this the best product for you. It is hassle-free and easy to use. All you need to do is just pair it using your Bluetooth and fix it to the stand and you are good to go.

The stick itself is designed very sturdy and of high quality. The unique clip ensures that your phone won’t fall accidently.


9. Selfie Stick, PerfectDay Ultra Compact Foldable QuickSnap Pro 3-In-1 Self-portrait Monopod



This selfie arm is the ideal device that you would use when you need to take group pictures on a trip or on occasions.

The company has not compromised on the quality of the stick and it is made out of durable material. You can turn this stick in a wide range of angles which gives ample coverage and different viewpoint for your photo.

The PerfectDay is definitely one of the most impressive products out there and no wonder it is a bestseller.


8. Selfie Stick, Noot® Self Portrait Extendable Handled Stick



The Noot selfie pole offers a fully plug and play operation. The best thing about this device is that you do not have to do anything except put the jack in the audio port and connect, the device is ready to go.

It rotates up to 180 degrees and can be extended to about 90 cm allowing you to take great pictures from a fairly long distance. It offers a built in shutter to ensure continuous capture.

It is completely battery free and does not require any Bluetooth connectivity.


7. PCMag’s Pick, Mpow iSnap Pro 3-In-1 Self-portrait Monopod Extendable Selfie Stick with built-in Bluetooth Remote



The Mpow iSnap device comes with an extendable pole which helps when taking pictures when in a crowd. The aim of a selfie pole is to eliminate the need of another person or a stranger taking your picture. The Mpow iSnap does just this by providing a Bluetooth remote control to snap your pictures.

You have to just pair the device with the Bluetooth and you are ready to take great snaps. Another advantage of the iSnap is the holder, which provides safety for your phone with rubber pads and clamps.

This device can be extended upto about 3.5 feet and has a very good range to take long distance photographs.


6. Rated #1 Professional Selfie Stick in 2015 – Best Bluetooth Selfie Stick



You will be surpised at what this device offers. This is an award winning device for taking your selfies and definitely one of the best available. The best part of this selfie arm is that it can be used with different devices be it your Android phone, iPhone, DSLR or Gopro cameras.

Another interesting feature is the handy buttons on the selfie stick for zoom in and zoom out. It connects your phone through a mini USB port. It extends upto 123 cm and provides excellent quality pictures.

This is a professional stick and it ensures that your phone stays firmly clamped and does not shake. It offers a 3-in-1 benefit as you can even use your professional cameras with this stick.


5. UFCIT(TM) Extendable Self Portrait Selfie Handheld Stick Monopod 



The UFCIT selfie pole comes with a very durable material that makes it very sturdy. The clips are completly adjustable and fits Android and iPhone models. The non-slip design makes it even more likeable as it prevents from accidental falls.

It extends up to 97 cm and does not come with Bluetooth capabilities. You can choose a number of different colors and styles. The monopod can be adjusted to upto 180 degrees which makes it easier to take pictures in any direction or angle.

All in all, it is a good buy if you are looking out for heavy outdoor photos.


4. Selfie Stick, URPOWER® Extendable Wireless Cable Control Self-portrait Monopod with Remote Shutter for iPhone



The URPower selfie pole is a very unique in itself as it does not require a battery to operate. This also does not require Bluetooth. Currently, it does not support iOS version 8.3 and above hence it is best suited for Android phones.

The usage is pretty simple and the clamps to hold the phone are adjustable to the size of your phone. The orange holding clamp helps prevent falls. The holder also stays steady and does not swirve while taking your pictures.

The usage is very simple and plug and play. It is compatible with both Android and iOS.


3. Selfie Stick,Ipow®Self Portrait Wireless Cable Control Monopod [Battery Free] Extendable Handled Stick with Adjustable



The first thing you will appreciate in this product is the X-shaped clip which looks like a very stable way to hold your phone as if someone was holding it. The clip is completely adjustable to suit the everchanging smartphone sizes.

This selfie pole is a very simple and trustworthy companion for your photo shooting requirements. There is no need to pair this device to any Bluetooth as it can be cumbersome with different versions. The device operates using a cable connection to your audio port and it is completely plug and play.


2. The GoGo Selfie Stick is the Leading Bluetooth Selfie Sticks



The GoGo selfie arm is arguably one of the best products to take your selfies. It is a simply amazing product that virtually requires no setup as long as your phone has a Bluetooth feature in it.

This is a bestseller and there are many reasons for it. The main reasons are it is lightweight, very strong, and provides extension of up to 3.5 feet. It works even for iPhone 6 and 6 plus.

Another stunning feature you will notice about this device is the finishing. It has a soft grip and the finishing is perfect. It uses a USB charger to charge itself and provides extended battery backup too.


1. Selfie Stick : Stalion® Selfy Handheld Extendable Bluetooth Monopod Portrait Taker & Video Recorder



The Stalion just like it’s name looks very elegant. The device is designed in a very user friendly way. The handle is very handy with the power, zoom and shutter button for your easy use. This selfie arm works on Bluetooth.

The holder clip is L-shaped and adjustable to most of the smartphones. It can be extended up to 92 cm and the anti-rotating clip prevents the phone from accidentally swerving while taking photos.

Go for this amazing selfie stick if you are looking for a great selfie session either by yourself or in a group.


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